People’s ignorance surrounding victim blame

Fuckity hi!  Not a poem, I feel like Jim Carrey playing a serious role! I suppose this is a review on people’s ignorance( A certain literature class I wouldn’t suggest to anyone ever…) With respect to sexual abuse and victim blame. More a rant, but they’re the same thing right? Totally! So let’s begin!

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The Veronicas “You ruin me” Review

So, the Veronicas are back with there new album You ruin me and i am reviewing the song of the same name. I have liked the Veronicas for a little while a few years back… they make a great harmony and have a unique style, but i could never really invest in there music, mostly because couldn’t connect to it, but now there back i am excited for this new album and couldn’t wait to review this song.  Continue reading

Murder By Death (1976)

Despite the fact that they are often subject to cliches, I actually quite like murder mysteries. In my view, Death on the Nile (1937) and Murder on the Orient Express (1934) are genius, Columbo is one of the greatest fictional characters of all time and, despite being pretty silly, I still enjoy shows like Murder She Wrote and Diagnosis Murder. So, when I found out that there was a film which parodied one of my favourite genres of all time, I was pretty excited. So, did Murder By Death (1976) live up to my expectations? Is Piers Morgan the worst thing since the film adaption of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin?  The answer to both questions is the same; yeah, pretty much.

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That Other Guys reaction to: the suggestion put forward to reduce the pay for disabled workers in the Uk

Long title, and horrible, i know,but i couldn’t think of a way to shorten it. Basically, if you haven’t been watching the UK news today, or the PM’s question time yesterday, on UK T.V…. A suggestion was considered by Lord Freud, and i quote him: “….There is a group and i know exactly who you mean, were actually as you say they’re not worth the full wage….” Continue reading