That Other Guys reaction to: the suggestion put forward to reduce the pay for disabled workers in the Uk

Long title, and horrible, i know,but i couldn’t think of a way to shorten it. Basically, if you haven’t been watching the UK news today, or the PM’s question time yesterday, on UK T.V…. A suggestion was considered by Lord Freud, and i quote him: “….There is a group and i know exactly who you mean, were actually as you say they’re not worth the full wage….” Continue reading

Black holes and innocent words

”No mum, he isn’t my boyfriend. I promise, let it go.”

Sometimes people say things that in the moment seem small and innocent, a subtle comment, a remark or perhaps a simple question. It seems innocent, curious and you answer the question like you would answer any other. And then all of a sudden it is two at night and you are lying in the darkness with compressed silence echoing in your ears. Nothing is left to distract you, to block all of these thoughts you have been suppressing. You are left all alone with your own mind and that is when it hits you. As if from nowhere, you feel a fist hit your stomach and steal your breath away as you convulsively embrace yourself. When you turn the light on you find a dark and painful bruise cover your body. One sleepless night later you are sitting on the bus on your way to another weekday with your head in the cloud as another fist comes flying and the bruise on your belly only grows. After that they come again and again. During class, in a meeting, at the store, during lunch, dinner, breakfast, day, evening and night. Finally the dark mark on your stomach, layered with fist after fist, turns into a black hole. It eats up all of your time, all your energy and all your will.

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Benny4700’s Opinion On: The public’s reaction to the wives of serial killers

I recently read an article on Listverse called “10 Baffling Wives of Serial Killers”, found here:

It was highly offensive and betrayed the writer’s, a Mr S. Grant, immense ignorance. The list constantly attacked the significant others of serial killers for not discovering their crimes sooner and helping to bring them to justice. I really like the majority of listverse articles but this one was just atrocious and the people in the comments knew it. However, the views expressed by Mr Grant are, sadly, not just limited to himself. Most of the public look down on the wives of serial killers for exactly the same reasons expressed in the article and I feel obliged to defend a group of women who are, arguably, the forgotten victims of serial killers.

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Welcome Lordofthedoctor!!!

I’m sure you’ll all join us here at That Guy That Reviews Stuff in welcoming our new writer, Lordofthedoctor!! No doubt, Lordofthedoctor will be writing some very interesting stuff during her time here with us and I for one look forward to reading it! Welcome to the team, Lordofthedoctor, you’re going to fit right in!



Ed Sheeran – “Sing”

A music review….. and i’m back. Hey everyone. I know this is like the thirty thousenth time or whatever that i have returned, but hey, what can i say, i live my life like a candle in th…. no, sorry, that’s Elton John, but here i am, ready to entertain you once again, so let meeeee; eeee entertain….. no, sorry, wrong again. Focusing back on this song: Continue reading