The Great British Bake Off #GBBO

Right then – you may have noticed the hash-tag in the title there – that’s a new thing I’m trying. The title forms part of the automatic tweet and, well… #GBBO is a popular one at the moment, apparently. I spent a minute looking, and 20 results were made in that time. Not bad, I think. Whether it makes a difference or not, I thought I’d give it a go.

Now, I’ve been watching The Great British Bake Off this year – I watched it last series, and the one before that, and now, I feel that I’m a person who is capable of expressing a fair and valid opinion. I’m not really sure what other people think of the show, the presenters, the experts or the “contestants”, but I know what I think, and if you read the next thousand words or so, so will you.

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Farewell, Hrudolfensis!

Well, it is my solemn duty to announce that one of our writers, Hrudolfensis, has decided to no longer write with us. It’s been a while since any of us have heard from him, so, to be fair, this is not an unexpected event for the team, but we are still sad to see him go.

Hrudolfensis – thank you for having written with us, and good luck with all that you choose to do in the future. We’ll be here if you ever decide to come back.

That Guy

Welcome Doshuevos!

Wow, we’re really bringing in the new writers aren’t we? I’m sure you will all join us in welcoming the newest member of our team Doshuevos. No doubt Doshuevos will be writing some very interesting poetry in the future and I for one hope you enjoy it! Welcome to the team Doshuevos, glad to have you on-board!



You Want Better Content, We Want Input!

Okay, so, I’ll be honest, we haven’t recently had any comments on the quality of the writing for a long old while (2012, actually, so that’s something), but I am aware that a lot of our content isn’t as popular as we would have expected. We don’t get the massively popular posts written that we’ve seen before and a quick analysis suggests that this may be to do with lists being the most popular, but also the most arduous to write. They can be quite fun sometimes, but I always find them a bit… boring. However, I’m happy to put that aside if you want us to, but we would REALLY love for you to tell us what you want to see on here. Let us know either via the comments below, or by contacting us using the details on the contact page.

That Guy

The Aftermath Of The Scottish Independence Referendum

Okay, so, we’re all agreed that it was a No vote, right? What do you mean, there was vote tampering? So, you’re not happy with the outcome? Well, join theĀ 1,617,989 people of Scotland who voted no, or, if you’re one of them, join the 1,617,988 other people of Scotland who voted no. Not for violence, though. That would be wrong. No violence. Or I’ll slap ya!

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Welcome Emmnesia!

We here at offer a warm welcome to our newest writer, Emmnesia. Emmnesia enjoys politics and no doubt we can expect many political posts from her in the future. I’m sure you will all join me in welcoming Emmnesia to our little group of writers and hope that she enjoys her time with us!