Interesting Developments

Good evening, one and all – I’m That Guy, and we’re working on some interesting developments over here at TGTRS. Nothing exciting, but something EXTREMELY exciting. I’m not at liberty to tell you anything, but here’s what it is…

I’ve been developing my capabilities with writing and reading and game-developing and talking to people. TOMORROW, I’m meant to be visiting a friend of mine in Peterborough who is insistent on me having a web-cam (no, not for sexy time, I promise), which will absolutely DEFINITELY assist me in being able to do, wait for it… VIDEO REVIEWS.

Yeah, I know, it’s about as elusive as Nessie, but this time, it’s genuinely going to happen. I can feel it in my balls. And with luck, we’ll all be able to take part somehow. I’m working on it.

That Guy

Benny4700’s Top Ten People I Would Like To Meet In Hell

Only an all loving God could come up with a place as vile as Hell. Whether you think of it as a vast, empty space where you’re separate from God’s love for all eternity, a fiery inferno or a complex structure composed of nine circles, Hell is simply not a nice place. As an atheist I don’t believe in a Hell, Heaven or Afterlife and, although I find the idea pretty repugnant, I do find it fascinating. I’ll be very honest here, if there is a Hell then I have a one way ticket (apparently atheists and mass murderers deserve pretty much the same punishment in God’s eyes). The idea of meeting famous people in Hell came up at a recent site meeting and we’ve decided to write our own personal choices, admittedly mine is ‘late’ by several weeks but I have been experiencing a bought of emotional and psychological turbulance recently so I hope you don’t judge me too harshly. I have to stress that I don’t believe everyone on this list deserves to go to Hell but by the laws of the Bible they’ve all committed at least one sin. So, without further adieu, I present my top ten people I would like to meet in Hell!

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Welcome Me Home!

Well, mere mortals, I have returned from the great north-western city of Liverpool, having ventured far by train, bus and foot. I shall, as I expect you all expect, write a summary of my visit to the Merseyside city, with details, and one shall, hopefully, follow this evening or tonight. For now, I’ve had a long day, so I will be resting up for a few hours.

However, I wish you all to know that I am safe, well and have retained all of my limbs, digits and marbles. Oh, and there’ll be two films reviews coming from this trip. Aren’t we so blessed?

That Guy