I love life

How’s this for integrity….

Sorry about my last post, i was in a dark place a few hours ago. I do dislike some of the people in this world, but by far not all of them and not the world as a whole. Life is worth living and taking the time to realize that is part of it’s splendor, as it allows me to re-discover the good and beauty in this world. So, don’t ignore my last post; those words still hold meaning as they came from me, they represent a part of me that normally i prefer to keep private. Once again, i’m sorry if i upset anyone. It’s just i do love life, and the chance I’ve been given to experience living it.

That Other Guy

I hate life

I hate the world, the people in it. It is a dark, terrible, horrid, disturbing and scary place and i don’t want any part of it anymore! Simple as….

There is so little good in the world, i’ve given up. I won’t become evil, i won’t sink to the worlds level, but i don’t want any part of it anymore! The world has only been shit to me. It’s given a handful of friends and some moments of golden kindness but all so a ton of grief, disappointment and harsh times. I know people who have been beaten to unconsciousness, stabbed and I’ve been subject in my time to what can only be described as mental torture! And i’m only 20! I’ve seen things i can’t un-see. I have proof that the world we live in is cruel, archaic and not worth believing in!

I give up on the world.

That Other Guy