Bruce Springsteen – Streets Of Philadelphia

We’re going to try a new feature – we’re full of them these days – whereby we look at one artist over the course of a week. We’ll pick the  artists at random and share an opinion on each of their top five Spotify songs. To start off, we’ll go with good ol’ Bruce Springsteen.

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That Guy’s Opinion On… K-Pop #KPop

Today marks a momentous occasion. Well, it should do, if nothing has changed between the time of this being written and the date it’s been scheduled for. Today should be the day that Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un meet. It should be a fantastic event because it’ll do one of two things – either go fantastically well and we’ll be a step closer towards proper peace on the peninsula, or it’ll show one or both of them for the people they really are. Rejoice!

To celebrate this glorious day, let’s look at a Korean export, shall we? K-Pop.

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Just a Minute (1967 – Present)

Just a Minute (1967-Present) is frankly a marvel. For any show to have survived 50 years is rare, for only to go that long without any major alterations in style and format is extraordinary, for it to be hosted by the same individual since its creation is, I think, unique. However, is Just a Minute really as good as the records seem to indicate, or is it utterly overrate?

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Five Music Videos You Need To Watch Right Now

I love music – you may have read me saying that before…

But with music comes the obligatory music video. Some of them are artsy, some of them are crap and some of them are pure brilliance. Here’s Five Music Videos You Need To Watch Right Now.

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Five Times Musicians Used Perfect Lyrics (June 2018)

Helloooo! This is going to be a monthly thing I write – examples of when musicians used absolutely fantastic lyrics. Perfect, as per the title, may be a bit of a stretch for some of them, but heck, hyperbole is designed for moments like these!

So, without further ado, here’s the first installment.

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Safe (2018) #Safe #Review #TV

I don’t watch an awful lot of television these days – it’s mostly continuations of TV shows that I’ve been watching, until they run themselves into the ground, or Netflix originals.

This is one such Netflix original. Sort of.

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Ladette To Lady (2005-2010)

If Bad Lads Army (2002 – 2006) represents the best of the historical reality tv show then Ladette to Lady (2005 – 2010) is categorically the worst. The thing about history is that you don’t need to go too far back before things become a bit problematic. Bad Lad’s Army dealt with this well, all of the life lessons taught are still applicable today, and the issues the period generates act mostly as a window into how far we’ve come. Ladette to Lady gives us none of that.

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