R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy

It is my great displeasure to be the one to announce that, sadly, Leonard Nimoy has passed away. In terms of the media, Leonard Nimoy is one of very few to have embraced all the major forms, being involved with acting, writing (both literature and for production), directing, music and art. He’s been involved with spin-off material and has managed to become one of science fictions most recognisable faces, even for people who can’t stand sci-fi.

Be it his “The Ballad Of Bilbo Baggins”, or the heroic sacrifice in Wrath of Khan, Leonard Nimoy is a man whose impact upon society, or at least, the nerd sub-culture, cannot be denied, be it from his contributions as a writer, a director, or an actor.

I for one, am greatly saddened by his shuffling off of this mortal coil – we here at TGTRS would like to offer our condolences to Leonard’s friends and family at this tough time.

He's dead, Jim

R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy, 1931 – 2015

That Guy

Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA (2007-2014)

Of all popular British chefs, Gordon Ramsay is perhaps the best suited to modern day TV, despite the fact he doesn’t have Nigella Lawson’s sex appeal or Jaime Oliver’s childlike passion or Anthony Worrall Thompson’s…um…talent for shoplifting? I think the answer to Ramsay’s recent popularity is twofold; his passion is infectious and he swears so much that he’s practically turned the word cunt into a catchphrase. Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA is perhaps the main example of Ramsay’s popularity and one that I’ve watched with the aggressive vigor of a recovering heroin addict discovering cocaine.

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Time Commanders (2003-2005)

I have been a huge history nerd for as long as I can remember, to the point where there was a time when I actually wanted to be a historian and was the first idea of a career that really stuck with me; before then my ambitious tended to fluctuate, on Monday I wanted to be a dentist but on Friday I wanted to be an Armenian tax inspector. Because of my interest in history, I gorged myself on documentaries and books but there was one show that I really liked and sometimes watch today.

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Things We Want To See More Of: Community Based Building Games

Okay, so, let’s start off with one of the things that I especially want to see more of – truth be told, I’ve not spoken to the others. The “we” is more that the list is our list of things, but each thing on it may be something that just the writer wants to see… So, when Benny writes something about wanting to see more of Piers, be aware that he is alone in this.

Before I make the “continue reading” section, I’ll explain what I mean by “community based building games”. Full explanation below, but, in short, it would be a multi player game where you build not only your settlement, but everything to do with the community which inhabits it is created by the gamer/s, and everyone fills a role inside that community.

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New Series: Things We Want To See More Of…

Okay, so, every so often, you may have noticed that we’ll mention a new series of things that we want to write about, and sometimes, they go well, and sometimes, they don’t. This time, I’m not going to set a time-scale, or a date, but rather, leave it as open ended as possible.

This particular series is one that we will be using to talk about something that we don’t see an awful lot of, but want to see more of – or maybe, there is a lot of it, and we want more because it’s so awesome. The point is, we’ll talk about how awesome it is, and why we need more.

Simple as that.

That Guy

The Quiet Ones

Ah, there’s nothing quite like a Saturday evening in front of Netflix, as shown on my Xbox. Throw in the promise of a bacon sandwich on “giraffe” bread after watching the “horror” film, and you might just have described a perfect night. Depending on the quality of the film, of course…

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