Top Five Educational Songs – #EducationalSongs

Songs are magical. Well, not literally, that would be awesome. For argument’s sake though, let’s just say they are. That makes this post the Hogwarts of the music world, the place where you can learn things by listening to, and if you really want to, learning songs.

These are my Top Five Educational Songs.

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Top Ten Favourite Fan Theories Part Three: The Return

Everybody loves fan theories and everybody has their own. They’re great ways to add to a film, tv, or book series by expanding upon plot points, and it’s always interesting to hear someone else’s feelings on a character’s motivation. I’m obsessed with them and have come up with a fair few myself. Long ago, I wrote two posts discussing some of my favourite fan theories. Now, I’m doing it again. Here, for the third time, are my top ten favourite fan theories.

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Top 5 Great Old Songs That Guy Found Thanks To Modern Media

The thing about films, tv shows and music is that they go together, hand in hand, like jam and cream on scone at afternoon tea. Too British for you? How about bacon and maple syrup? Too Canadian for you? How about Beevis and Butthead? Too American for you? Get over it.

Now that’s over, we can’t deny that there are times where films and TV will use songs from yesteryear – sometimes because that’s when it’s set, or sometimes because that particular period of time matters to someone important. In this opinion piece, we look at the Top 5 Great Old Songs That Guy Found Thanks To Modern Media.

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A Politikal Mynd: A Shameless Plug

Some of you may be aware that TGTRS is not the only site that some of us work on. A Politikal Mynd is a blog specialising in political posts; both opinion pieces and election coverage. We’ve got a lot of great content to offer such as my series re-capping and analysing the Post-War British elections, That Guy’s coverage of the 2017 election results, and a list of the biggest political mistakes of the last 70 years. We’re confident you’ll enjoy it and hope to continue producing great content!

Bad Lad’s Army (2002-2006)

There is a small sub-genre of reality tv that I find fascinating, the historical reality tv show. I love history, I enjoy reality tv at times, so naturally this genre has an attraction for me. Bad Lad’s Army (2002–2006) is one such show, but does it hold up? Do the problematic issues of the subject matter detract from the show’s overall quality? Let’s find out.

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Happy Birthday TGTRS

Seven years. It has been seven long years since TGTRS was formed. Well, that’s not strictly true. We were actually formed seven years and one day ago, but today marks the 7th anniversary of our first review, Portal 2, which we also covered here, and here, so apparently that’s been done to death…

Point is, we’re older now, we’re wiser now, and we’re a whole year older than we were this time last year. It’s been a busy seven years, and a bumpy seven years. Whilst we’ve not always been here, we’ve always been here.

So here’s to the last seven years, as glorious and varied as they have been, and here’s to the next seven years, as great as we hope they’ll be!

That Guy

Top Ten #GuiltyPleasure Songs

Ah, guilty pleasures. We’ve all got them. Whether it’s that really creamy cake that the local baker makes, that film that you watch even though your friends think it’s weird that you like it, or that song that you love, even though you know that if anyone knew that you sing along to it when you’re alone, they’ll take the piss out of you… We’ve all got them. As part of our community outreach initiative, which is being both hastily made-up and called The Shared Opinion Initiative, I’m going to tell you all about my Top Ten Guilty Pleasure Songs. When it’s all over, why don’t you participate in The Shared Opinion Initiative and tell us some of your guilty pleasure songs?

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