That Guy’s Top Five Queen Songs He Hasn’t Already Reviewed This Week

Righty-oh, folk. Here, you thought Queen week was over, but you were wrong! Because doing just five songs from a band as prolific as Queen is pretty much sacrilege, I’m going to detail out my Top Five Queen Songs that I haven’t already reviewed this week. Enjoy!

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A Million Dreams – The Greatest Showman Album

So recently i just decided to start my own business. Literally just the other day actually so i’m currently at the “I’m gonna start my own business! YES!!…. Alright… what now?…”. Apparently just saying the it out loud doesn’t make it happen. I realize i have boat load of hard work ahead of me and first i need to be a manager for a few years so i get a feel for what that’s like and managing finances… but every time i close my eyes, i can see the dream! Continue reading “A Million Dreams – The Greatest Showman Album”

Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now

And so we round off our Queen week, we’re looking at Don’t Stop Me Now, a song that served as a superb backdrop for a fight scene in British zombie movie Shaun Of The Dead. Read that review there, or continue to read this one, here!

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The Greatest Show – The Greatest Showman Album

So, what i’m planning to do here is follow TG’s lead and review this album song by song, as he’s doing in his fantastic featured artist week series. The songs i’ll be reviewing, as promised, are the songs from The Greatest Showman, which was produced as an official album on CD which i bought. I’ll review the album after the review of the last song, and for the reviews i’ll only be counting full songs, not singing caveats or revisits. So fist and foremost appropriately, The Greatest Show! Continue reading “The Greatest Show – The Greatest Showman Album”

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody. The UK’s favourite number one, a song that has been covered (poorly, yet amusingly) by The Muppets and has all had us asking whether this is the real life, or if this is just fantasy. I present to you all, the review!

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The Reviewers Guild

Good morning to you all!

We are reviewers, and we’re rather fond of reviewing – whether it’s films, music, books, games or tv shows, or even an opinion piece that straddles the boundaries of review and essay, we enjoy writing them.

Thing is, in this day and age where media is becoming easier to access and websites and videos simpler to create, the internet is becoming saturated with purveyors of opinion. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, but it does make it harder for competent reviewers to find a niche, make a foothold and climb the ladder of success.

But this isn’t a sob story about that. Oh no. Rather, this is an advert. An advert for a new project we’ve concocted. It’s still somewhat in the pipeline, but it’s something that we hope fellow reviewers and opinion writers will be interested in.

I present to you, The Reviewers Guild

The purpose of TRG (as I’m going to hereby refer to it) is to form a community for reviewers and opinion writers of various skills and mediums. It’s intended to be a place where they can find people like them, maybe form working relationships, maybe form healthy competition, but most of all, just get to know each other.

So, if you’re a reviewer or an opinion writer, feel free to join – we’ll welcome you with open arms, whoever you are and wherever you’re from.

Come on in, and join the guild. Besides…