Jaws 3D (1983)

Jaws, summer 1975 a film that kept people out of the water for generations. Arguably one of the greates films of all time. Its suspense and thrills grossed millions and it was a massive success. Naturally Universal wanated to exploit this with a sequel. Jaws 2, summer 1978. Not as good as the orignal but not awful, for a sequel it could have been alot worse. Then in 1983, with the rise of 3D, Jaws 3 came out. Naturally studio executives saw the success of 3D  and then looked at the Success of the Jaws franchise. Dollar Signs filled their eyes and so the abomonation that is Jaws 3D was born.

The film is based around the Brody brothers (the sons of Martin Brody from the first Jaws), Micheal (Dennis Quaid, The Day After Tommorow) and Sean (John Putch, Seinfeld) althought the film focuses mainly around Micheal and his girlfriend Kathyrn Morgan (Bess Armstrong, Boston Legal).

The premise in the film is good. The action takes place at sea world where the shark attacks and causes havok, strange advert but there you go. The effects are awful and the 3D becomes a cheap gimic, often used in unnecessary places. The acting can be bland and the shark is just stupid looking. The characters aren’t developed and some are introduced and never seen again. The film ends with the shark exploding and the beasts jaws flying out at the screen. It looks fake and tacky. The only good thing about this film is the premise.

An awful film just another way of making money. The premise could’ve been utillised in a better way but it wasn’t:




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