Hot Fuzz (2008)

The Blood and Ice Cream trilogy consists of two movies ,so far, Shaun of the Dead, a parody of Dawn of the Dead and a parody of the zombie genre and Hot Fuzz a parody of buddy cop and action movies. A third movie is in the making and will parody the sci-fi genre.

Hot Fuzz stars Simon Pegg as Nick Angel who is sent to the rural villiage of Sandford because he’s making other officers look bad in London. There he meets Danny Butterman played by Nick Frost who is a well meaning but incompetent officer who has misconceptions about his career believing that it should be more like movies such as Bad Boys and other cop movies. Other great actors include Bill Bailey, Jim Broadbent, Bill Nighy, Martin Freeman, Steve Coogan and of course the brilliant Timothy Dalton. The film revolves around Angel’s quest to uncover the secret behind the suspicious deaths of Stamford residents which the other characters attribute to accidents. The twist ending is spectacular and creates some great comedic moments.

The comedy just keeps on coming with this film. I’ve seen it multiple times and yet I still keep finding hidden jokes, there are  just so many! The actors are great and their characters very likable and the plot is just fantastic. This film is a parody but, as with Shaun of the Dead, you can tell that these guys love what their satirising. In a way its reminiscent of Hot Shots or Police Academy and its good to see film parodies that take both themselves and their targets seriously.

A perfect film and one of my favorites:




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