Titanic 2 (2010)

Titanic. One of the highest grossing films of all time has been taken and re-done time after time after time. We saw it with telivision films, with animated versions and now withTitanic 2 a direct to DVD film about a succesor ship following EXACTLY the same course, at EXACTLY the same time as the original ship. Hell they even design the ship to look EXACTLY like the original.

Shane Van Dyke (Diagnosis Murder) acts as director, writer and one of the main characters, Hayden Walsh a millionaire playboy who has recently inherited his Fathers buisnees emipre. Walsh builds the Titanic II to commemorate the sinking of the actual Titanic. On this ship is his Ex Amy Maine played by Marie Westbrook (100 Million BC). Naturally disaster strikes.

Ok I’m gonna go through the good things about this film first and believe me theres not alot. Firstly there are some decent actors. Shane Van Dyke isn’t good by any means but he’s not awful. The Westbrook characters father is probably the best actor in the film. James Maine, played by Bruce Davison (X men) is actually an enjoyable performace. Thats about it for the positive.

Now the bad things, there are far more of these. The majority of the acting is awful, the characters are bland, Shane Van Dyke takes the opportunity to cast himself as a playboy surrounded by beautiful women, making the other women swoon over him. There are some really stupid plot holes and even stupider moments such as when Amy trys to heal a cut throat not with bandages, despite the fact she is in a medical room probably full of bandeges, but a credit card and some masking tape. Stupid. Some characters appear breifly but never again, some characters die and are never mourned by the others and there are some really pointless moments. The extras are awful and the actual idea of two waves throwing iceburgs into the ship is stupid. It rips off Titanic moments such as people sliding down the ship and the love story itself, a rich character and a lowly character fall in love before the man sacrifices himself, sound familiar? Finally and most damagingly the effects are awful. The ship is rarely seen in its full length and when it is it looks like something from a simulation rather that a big budget film. The bluescreen is just pathetic. Thank God this was direct to DVD.

Possibly one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Absolutly Pathetic:




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