Half Life

Ok. One of the best adventure, puzzle, FPS games in the history of computers. Heck, it even has the most bad-ass character in the history of gaming.

That’s right. It’s Half Life! I love Half-Life. I know people who love Gordon Freeman, and I know people who would kill to play the game.

The game-play has a definite learning curve, starting with the basic need to follow stand still, follows by the need to walk in a directed path, then to find your way. Then the crazy shit goes down. Aliens, the military and the man in the suit…

An amazing storyline, a shock ending and brilliant game-play. Simple controls and a wide variety of available weapons help to make this game truly spectacular.

The graphics are great and were easily ahead of their time, even if they are a bit low spec for the modern-day. The range of sound effects help you truly feel like you’re facing your death at Black Mesa, New Mexico. The physics engine, Valve’s own creation, is perfect for this game, allowing you to manipulate various elements of the environment to suit your own purposes.

Not much more to say about Half Life, other than to watch out for it’s sequel’s reviews on this site, and that if you want to have some Half Life humour, look for Freeman’s Mind on Youtube… I found this hilarious. Enjoy!


That Guy


One thought on “Half Life

  1. I whole heartedly reccommend Freeman’s Mind. So funny and fitting its actually addictive:L


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