Back To The Future Part 2

You may have noticed that yesterday I reviewed BTTF: Part 1. Well, that got me thinking. Surely I should review parts 2 and 3? Anywho, here I am.

To cut a lot of crap out of this review, I want to point out that the acting and cast are virtually the same as in BTTF: Part 1. It’s still Doc and Marty, and it’s still great!

In this instalment, Doc, Marty and his girlfriend, Jennifer, all travel to 2015, in order to save their kids from future problems… Oooh. Bad parents were they?

Then Marty decides to use Time travel for personal gain, resulting in an alternate 2015, in which everything has gone tits up. Marty ends up going back to 1955 to stop the wrong future being made, and ends up at the same events as in BTTF: Part 1, including the Johnny B. Goode scene mentioned in the previous review. Cutting to the chase, time is fixed, but Doc gets sent to 1885, due to a lightning strike which directly hits the Delorean.

Not the best storyline, but when padded out by technology, you hardly ever notice the paradoxes… Very clever of them!

Overall, a moderately ok film. not as good as Part 1, but on its own, I suppose it could be considered good.


That Guy


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