Back To The Future Part 3

Ok, now for the final part of the Back To The Future series.

Parts 1 and 2 were both great films, but I felt a little let down by part 3. Firstly, let me point out that the cast and characters are virtually the same, and thus, still great.

The plot, however, gets a little thin. Basically, Doc from part 2 gets sent to 1885, where he is stuck until he dies in early September, after a quarrel involving money. A week before he dies, he sent a letter to Marty, to be delivered to the exact spot doc disappeared from ,just after he left. Head-fuck! for Marty anyway. Marty then enlists Doc from most of Part 1 to help him get to 1885 and save that version of Doc. They get Marty to 1885, then have to devise a new way of getting back to 1985, after the Delorean gets damaged. They decide to use a train to reach the required speed, in the process saving Doc and his new girlfriend Clara, from death at the hands of the local bandits and a large valley, respectively. Cutting this synopsis short, Marty gets sent back to 1985, leaving Doc and Clara behind. Marty then destroys the Delorean (by accident, though he did get told to do so by Doc), before getting his own girlfriend, then returning to the Delorean, where Doc, Clara, Doc’s dog Copernicus and his sons, Jules and Verne, have arrived through use of the time-travelling train, which Doc managed to create after a few years. Doc goes on a rant about deciding your own futures, then gives Marty a picture of them both in 1885, as a gift, before going off to travel somewhere that wasn’t in the future, as he’d “already been there”.

Sounds great, eh? Well, I managed to write that out in 3 minutes, without any help from the film or any of it’s websites. Heck, a brain-dead monkey could have written that in 10 minutes. They just don’t seem to have put the effort into this film. They obviously knew that it would be their last one and decided, ‘hey, who gives a fuck, right?’

However, I still like the film. It may be a matter of  ‘Oh my god, it’s got Christopher Lloyd and Time Travel in it, so it must be good’, but that’s the point. The film’s good because it has those things. An old guy and time travel are the best combination ever. And when Herbert the Pervert from Family Guy gets his own time machine, I’ll be sitting there watching him all the way. It’s a fun combo.

I’m going to have to give this a 5/10.

That Guy


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