American Dreamz (2006)

This is another film that I begrudgingly watched, on the same night I watched ‘Alien Autopsy’. Sadly, I wasn’t as pleased by this film, as I was by Alien Autopsy.

First of all, the cast is made up of a large group of stars and no-names alike, such as Willem Dafoe, Hugh Grant, Chris Klien and Judy Greer. I bet you recognised at least two of those names! The cast are great, having featured in films such as Mr Beans Holiday (Dafoe), Love Actually (Grant) and American Pie (Klien), which leads me to believe that their piss-poor performances were as a result of terrible writing performed by Paul Weitz. (Yeah. I know. Who?)

Anyway, the film is based around a X-Factor style TV show, which in this, stars a Jihadist agent, the token Jewish character, and a typical blonde female participant. (No, I’m not sexist, I’m telling it how it is.)

I would love to rant on and on about how crap it is, but that’s a waste of everyone’s time. I suggest you avoid it at all costs.




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