Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones

So, here’s part 2 of my own Star Wars Saga. Attack of the Clones!

3 words. I hated it. I’m an avid Star Wars fan, just ask Ted, but Attack of the Clones was genuinely the worst Star Wars film of all time. The plot is slow and boring, as we follow the main characters as they attempt to save Senator Amidala from a series of assassination attempts. They unveil a conspiracy to cause a war, but are unable to halt its processes, ending the film with the image of millions of clone troops heading to battle in distant star systems.

WEAK! PUNY! PATHETIC! All words that describe the plot.

However, even if the film itself is bad, it still has various components that make it worth watching. These include the cast (mostly the same as The Phantom Menace), the soundtrack (still John Williams) and the special effects, again, taken from The Phantom Menace.

As a result of this, I must give the film a good review. It’s good points outweigh its bad points. However, most of its good points are stolen, so it can drown in an ocean of its own crappiness for all I care.



2 thoughts on “Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones

  1. And you’re entitled to that opinion… I’m just saying that I think Attack of the Clones is a terrible film, with all of it’s good points taken from The Phantom Menace. That doesn’t include the plot. The plot is terrible of it’s own accord… I liked The Phantom Menace more…


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