Zodiac (2007)

David Fincher is one of those great director. He has directed one of my favorite, and certainly one of the greatest, films of all time, Se7en. He has also directed Panic Room and The Game. Naturally then he is a great director and his films should be expected to be of a high quality…right? Well not nessarcerely. Fincher also directed Alien 3 which, is a film I like, was generally panned by critics. So how does his 2007 film Zodiac fair up?

The films premise is simple. San Fransisco is being terrorized by a serial killer in the mid Sixties. The killer sends encrypted letters to the police and several newspapers where they are found by cartoonist Robert Graysmith (played by Jake Gyllenhaal)  who is aided by Paul Avery (Robert Downy Jr). As the killer continues to slaughter and leave clues, these two men find their lives being slowly overtaken by their obsession with the murders.

This is a creepy, chilling and disturbing film. The letter scenes are just creepy and its scary to think this is a true story. I especially hate the scene where the letter threatening the school children is read out. I say I hate it, really I’m more repulsed and freaked out by it. These two main characters are great, their scenes together are good and I like the chemistry between them. Downy Jr is a great actor but I’m just gonna come out and say it, I dont like Jake Gyllenhaal. I dont think he’s that good an actor at the best of times, granted his performance in this is adequate but its not the best (I mean seriously just watch the Day After tomorrow hes just bad). This film also has a different look to it than Finchers earlier work like Se7en. In fact Fincher decided to make it less dark, gritty and repulsive than Se7en was because he wanted it to look realistic. I prefered the Se7en look. Zodiac just looks normal. I dont lie it. This film would’ve been better if it had the look of Se7en. Shame because the premise is good and these two characters could be sooooo much more. A creepy film I still recommend Zodiac despite the fact that Fincher can, and has, done so much better.

An adequate film, better than Se7en? Hell no. Worth a watch? Yeah go ahead:


Benny 4700


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