The Room (2003)

Some movies are bad. Some movies are God awful. Some movies are just pathetically horrendous. Some movies are so God awfully pathetically horrendously bad that they actually break not only the minds of those watching but also the entire fabric of space and time. One of these movies is the Room.

The Room revolves around the character of Johnny (Played by Tommy Wiseau) and his scheming fiancée Lisa (Juliette Danielle) who is having an affair with Mark (Played by Greg Sestero). Johnny and Lisa are freindly with Denny (Played by Phillip Haldiman). Throughout the film Lisa bitches about how boring her relationship is with Johnny to her Mother Claudette (Played by Carolyn Minnott).

Where the fuck do I begin. This is one of the worst movies ever made. The lines are stupid and often make no sense “Leave your stupid comments in your pocket” What the fuck does that mean?? The plot is just ripped to shreds by the endless subplots which in themselves are criminally underdeveloped. The mother has cancer which is only fleetingly mentioned, Denny is beaten up by a drug dealer and its never explained why, characters appear from nowhere that serve no purpose. The Mark character shaves, a minor even that should be glazed over and barely mentioned, the camera zooms in on it while dramatic music plays and over a minute of dialogue is dedicated to it, after which it is never mentioned again. WHY TALK ABOUT IT IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!?  In another scene all the characters are seen playing football in their tuxedos. WHY!?  And now the big one. The acting is just awful. Tommy Wiseau is the director, writer, producer and main character. HE CANNOT ACT FOR SHIT! His accent is all over the place. I suppose he’s European but it’s so difficult to pin down. Possibly the worst actor in history. I will be posting the roof scene, don’t worry. This film is just awful, it’s actually kinda funny. In fact its become a cult hit and many people actually flock to cinemas for special showings. Tommy Wiseau always says that he meant for it to be an awful film but those who worked with him on The Room all say that it was supposed to be a serious hard-hitting Drama. It’s difficult for me not to recommend this, it’s so bad you have to see it to believe it. If the score was a recommendation I would give it 8/10 but it’s not, it’s based on the quality of the film.

This is just horrendus, it’s better than garbage pail kids but it’s still awful:


Benny 4700


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