Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Wow. The Empire Strikes Back! The EMPIRE Strike BACK. What kind of pathetic title is that!?! Oooh. It’s the empire. Y’know. The one we beat with a handful of tiny spaceships. How are they possibly going to do anything to hurt us?

Well, let’s look at the plot and see.

It’s been 3 years since A New Hope, and the Rebellion has been forced to hide on a nice planet… Sorry, an ICE planet, called Hoth. Hoth? HOTH? Might as well as called it ‘Coldth’ (Pause for laughter). ( Notice lack of laughter). Sorry. Family Guy joke.

Anyway, Hoth. (Grrr). The Rebellion are hiding there and soon receive word that the Empire is about to attack. Not good. They plan to evacuate, but to do so, they need the fighters and ground troops to defend the ‘Ion Cannon’ capable of disabling an entire Star Destroyer in one hit. Wow. (I must point out that the film’s best line, that isn’t essential to the plot occurs during this battle – ‘Ah. Our first catch of the day’. – Perfection.) Anywho, big battle happens, good guys split up. Big group gets caught after big run. Little group crashes on planet, meets Jedi master, trains in the force, fails, fixes ship, tries to save big group, fails, finds out bad guy is his father (NOOOOOOOOO), runs and finally, gets saved by the big group, which has been made a little bit smaller. Simple. Effective. Good.

Now, it seems a bit simple, but when you add in the humour that you get from Yoda (especially when i watched this as a kid), it’s a great film.

Music. Again, I refer you to Mr John Williams, whilst for special effects, you need to consider that back in 1980, there were nowhere near as good special effects as there are now. That’s why they are good in this film. Because they WERE great.

Anything I’m missing? Yes. Characters. Not much point mentioning it. Almost identical to A New Hope. Shame. I like having new things to say…

A good film, though not QUITE as good as A New Hope.



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