Feed – Mira Grant

Just realised that in the last month and a half, we’ve yet to do a book review. Well, here goes.

Feed, by Mira Grant, is the story of some bloggers surviving in a post-zombie-outbreak USA. The story starts 20 years after the outbreak, with the bloggers recording some footage of them taunting some zombies, in order to put it on their website. They then find out that they are to cover the events that unfold, as they follow a prospective candidate for presidency of the USA. Considering the fact that this is a post-outbreak world, the human race is doing pretty well out of it. Most people would have it as a post apocalyptic world, with very few human survivors fighting against the seemingly never-ending tide of the undead. I would. Mira Grant, on the other hand, has chosen to use a relatively safe world full of people and animals surviving against people and animal zombies, as well as the threat of sudden, uncaused zombification in random people. Scary. Oh, and the bloggers believe that they have uncovered a conspiracy to kill the candidate mentioned above, as well as themselves.

Of course, you have you action sequences. Some good, some bad. Of course, the book is more about the blogging than the zombie culling, so there are, as far as I remember, only 5 first-hand events in which zombies are a threat.

The narration is given in a first-person format, with the leader of the blog-site telling us what is happening, from her point of view. However, to my ultimate confusion at the time, this changes in the last section of the book. Her adoptive brother ends up narrating the story, as…


She gets injected with zombification liquid, making her start to transform. She wrote one last blog post as she is turning, with her adoptive brother waiting as last as possible before shooting her in the spinal cord. He does. Now he’s in charge.


Sorry about that. Wanted to give you some warning. So he’s narrating, which works well. For anyone who reads for more than a page after the switch, it become obvious as to what has happened. The scene mentioned above is also very touching and, in my opinion, very saddening.

Of course, there are various elements of the book which we have all seen before, in zombie films. For example, the freshest zombies are the ‘fast zombies’ as shown in Left 4 Dead, whilst the older zombies are more like those in George Romero’s work. For the record, Romero is mentioned a lot in the book, as he was the pioneer for the modern zombie and how to survive them, making his practically a god to the characters within the book. The original narrator and one of her friends were both name after Romero.

Not a lot more to say about this book really. It’s a great book, has a sequel (soon to be reviewed (hopefully)), and definitely grips the reader, making them, especially me, want to finish reading the book. Good work Mira. You should definitely read this one!


That Guy


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