I apologise whole-heartedly for the lack of reviews over the last week. I have an excuse, as usual, but for once, it’s not crap…

We noticed that we’ve managed to have more reviews than active days. As such, I decided to allow myself a few days off. I have put off my return to writing reviews for a while, to allow myself to cope with various issues in my personal life. As far as I’m aware, Benny and Haggis have both been busy with their own lives as well, which I support completely.

In way of apology, the first 10 people to email us with requests will have their request reviewed within 24 hours of us see-ing the email (we check 3 times a day). The email address, is, as usual, thatguythatreviewsstuff@hotmail.co.uk

We hope that you accept our apology and our way of making it up to you, our loyal reader. Again, I apologise for my lack of activity. Thank you for being followers of our reviews. I hope that we can continue to entertain you with our words for as long as we are able.


That Guy


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