Peace On Earth – Meat Loaf

Well, I guess we’ve all read That Guy’s review of Hot Patootie, Meat Loaf’s triumphant entry and song on The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Well, now it’s my turn to try to emulate the great ‘That Guy’ and review another one of his songs.

                I’ve always loved the classic songs, Bat Out of Hell, as a matter of fact, I’m listening to Paradise by the Dashboard Light whilst writing. The song I have chosen is from his newest album; Hang Cool Teddy Bear (and yes, the word Teddy in the title helped me choose it…), and the song is the first track off the album; Peace on Earth. 

                I left off listening to this album weeks after buying it, not being sure if it would be a letdown, how wrong I was! Peace on Earth is by far one of the best songs on the album and set a high benchmark for the rest of the album. It contains everything from a creepy operatic/drum intro thingy, then bursts triumphantly into a guitar driven, violin backed section and then opens with;

“Well, goodbye my friend it was good to know you,
I hope you understand,
Twenty-one years and I ain't got nothing,
But sitting, wondering if I can,
Wishing and dreaming, Hoping and reaching,
For things I was never meant to have,
If my foolish life's a product of my gross misconceptions,
Who's gonna give a damn?'

Then it moves into an epic slow chorus;

“I don't want,
Peace on earth,
I just want to go,
I just want to go home”

The second verse ends with one of my favourite lines from the whole album;

 “The only thing you can count on in this world in regret.”

                Meatloaf himself said to a listening party in London “It’s the story of a soldier. He’s been in an unspecified battle, and he’s lying face down on the ground. They talk of seeing your life flash backwards when you’re about to die, but this guy’s life flashes forwards instead. He can’t get up. He tries to crawl and he’s unable to do that, too. The songs are about the different scenarios he finds himself in as his life goes by. At the conclusion… well, let’s just say it’s not a Hollywood ending.”

                To be frank, this song is simply an epic rock ballad that no serious fan of rock should die before listening to.


P.S. In response to ‘That Guy’s’ last post, thanks for the warm welcome and I can’t wait to begin making regular contributions!



4 thoughts on “Peace On Earth – Meat Loaf

  1. Just wanted to give you a shout from the valley of the sun, great information. Much appreciated.


  2. I appreciate the individual thoughts and opinions, but would be much happier with logical and well thought out replies.


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