After some suggestions and mild consideration, we’re now officially on Twitter. This is so that you can follow us and well, we haven’t really thought it through. Simply put, follow us and get not online our reviews, but our occasional review on whatever the hell is going on around us. Why not, right?

You can find us under the name @That_Review_Guy (That Guy was taken and we didn’t have enough space for That Guy That Reviews Stuff… (Sad Face))

We hope that you do follow us and that you’ll enjoy our Tweets. I never thought I’d be writing that on here…

Hoping that you are all well,
That Guy

P.S. There are just nine more days until we’re six months old. We’re growing up fast! We still, however, look for more writers, so if You want to join The Team, then don’t hesitate to drop us an e-mail… Interesting phrase… How do you ‘drop’ an e-mail? Regardless, it’s the same e-mail address as always –


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