Gloomy Sunday

I thought I’d end our little Halloween Week with the first request we had, on the day it relates most to… Gloomy Sunday, also known as the Hungarian Suicide Song. it’s rumoured that if you listen to it, you’ll want to kill yourself. I listened to it 7 times whilst reviewing it and if this has been posted, I’m still alive. Besides, if I die, there’ll be a post about it in a few days anyway…

On a side note, a big thank you to everyone who suggested this (BEN!) as it makes it clear that you obvious don’t like me enough for me to live… SCREW YOU!

So anyway, there wasn’t a specific version to listen to, so I settled for the ‘original’ version. What was it like? Well, it was a bit depressing and it made me think I could smell cheese. Would it make me kill myself? No. And that’s good, because I like living. A lot. Some people say too much.

The song, being in Hungarian, has no real meaning to me. I only remember one Hungarian word from my travels there, and ‘Thanks’ probably wasn’t one of the words he sang… (‘Kussi’, for those of you who care – We used to do a joke about saying it to hookers – Kussi for your pussy – we were immature back then… (Snigger))

The piano music sounds pretty good. Nothing I’d wanna learn, but still worth listening to. Sort of like that one Rick Astley did. You don’t wanna learn to play it, but you’d still Rick Roll people with it…

I feel inclined to end the review here. There’s so little I can do here that I feel as though I’ve cheated you. My apologies to Benjamin Gwinnet, who requested it. I tried… Now, if you don’t mind, I need to learn how to make a noose-knot…


That Guy


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