The Big Bang Theory (2007 – Present)

Yep. That’s right. The Big Bang Theory. The show that made scientists popular. The one that made science jokes that no-one really gets, but find funny anyway, before moving onto science jokes that everyone will get, along with the persistent sexual tension between everyone and Howard, which could be classified as humour. Yeah. That’s the one…

So here I am, sat in my college’s library reviewing the only TV show I watch (other than the news) in-between the two friends I have that look upon it as if it were the words of God. Yes, they have read that and no, they don’t mind. What can I say about the show that hasn’t already been said? Not a lot really. You might as well read someone else’s review.


You fell for another one of my classic pranks. Well, I say another one. That’s the first really. Go on. Check ALL the other posts and look for another one. I’m sure you’ll find one somewhere…


You just keep falling for it don’t you? Don’t worry. I know you probably didn’t fall for that last one. It was a bad one.

So back to the show. The basic plot is great. Nothing too difficult to understand or follow. A bunch of scientists (and an engineer with a master’s degree) all work together and get into all sorts of shenanigans, some normal, some nerdy and most avoidable. We experience the lives of Sheldon Cooper, a scientist with so many quirks he could be locked up for insanity (His mother had him tested) as well as witnessing the experiences of those who live with and around him (Leonard, Raj and Howard).

Then there’s the family and love interests. Sheldon’s hot sister. Leonard’s hot ex-girlfriend. Leonard’s hot current-girlfriend. Howard’s hot fiance. Leonard and Howard’s ex-not-so-hot-in-my-opinion-but-apparently-is-girlfriend. So many hot and ‘hot’ women. Not that I’m a chauvinistic pig of course.

THEN there’s the cameo’s and recurring celebrity actors, namely, Wil Wheaton

The humour is there, in the sense that there’s a joke in every show that everyone will get. Homo-hibilus discovering his opposable thumbs says what? Yep. He sure did. The humour ranges as well, from science based, to sci-fi based, to life based to relationship based and finally, but not less importantly, innuendo (Thank you Howard!)

The intro-theme is great (‘Barenaked Ladies’, FTW). I really recommend looking it up. I might review it in the coming days, but then again, maybe not.

We’re currently on series 5 of TBBT, with them being aired from 8pm-9pm on E4. I heartily suggest watching it. Even if you don’t like it, you’ll like it. Yes, that’s axiomatically wrong. I don’t care. It’s true.

What else can I do? The jokes are great, the plot’s cool, the characters each unique and interesting in their own way. I like the show. There are times when it becomes less worthwhile watching (I’ve seen all the episodes at least four times, excluding those in series 5, so I know most of the jokes), but there’s always a rebound effect.

Before I score it, I have decided to end with one of Sheldon’s jokes (told from a text another character sent him). Ahem!

“I don’t care for Poly-Chloro-Ethylene, and I don’t like Glycol Ether”
And a final thought made aware to me by a good friend by the name of James…
‘Couldn’t be any more wrong? I think you’ll find that incorrectness cannot be graded!’
‘Of course it can. It’s a little wrong to call a tomato a vegatable, but very wrong to say it’s a suspension bridge…’

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