Moves Like Jagger – Maroon 5

Maroon 5, in 5th place, with Moves Like Jagger, presumably a homage to Mick Jagger from The Rolling Stones… Let’s see if its worth it’s salt!

Well, the chorus is catchy, if a little flattering. Mick Jagger, member of The Rolling Stones, had a very unique dancing style and from what I can gather, Maroon 5 have tried to imitate it. here’s a message for you Maroon 5. THAT’S FOR WHEN YOU’RE DRUNK AND AROUSED, OK! YOU DON’T GET AWAY WITH BASING A SONG AROUND IT!

Now, musically, the song is quite modern, using various techniques such as the ‘techno-whistle’ and the heavy bass hidden by computer generated music. I miss the days when music was hand-made. For those of you that were post 80’s, I mean ‘played on instruments’. I know that must be tough for you to comprehend, but there were times when a music video actually consisted of the people singing the song and playing the music. Scary, right?

Well, this follows the route of the modern song and places people SINGING the song, with the minimum amount that they can show of each musician there, to suggest that it is a proper recording, like when I were a lad. YOU DIDN’T FOOL ME!

However, I do actually like the video. It might be something to do with the, as far as I can tell, barely dressed women dancing in it, but it appeals to me. It is an attempt to make Jagger well-known among the modern public. It probably wont work, but hats off to them for trying. Next time, cover a Rolling Stones song and get him to do some of the vocals!

Lyrically, the song is fine, other than the chorus, which suggests that they actually think they move like Jagger. It should be ‘ we wish we had the moves like Jagger’. THAT would be accurate! BUT (a big but) it works. I like the lyrics, even if it suggests getting a woman drunk and showing her his moves… (Not one of my tactics, however desperate I get…)

So, for a score? Well, I’m not a fan, but this was good.


That Guy


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