Happy Half-Birthday

It’s official. That Guy That Reviews Stuff is now 6 months old. We’ve managed to survive our first 6 months and now we can rest up a bit. We’ll keep reviewing (we want to have 365 reviews by our 1st Birthday) but for now, we’ve reached our half-milestone. 6 months is a long time. I mean, here we are, having started out as one college student, now a multi-national team, writing a load of crap into review form in the hope that someone will like it. Do they? Well, as of yet, That Guy (me) has been voted the most popular reviewer (thank you all for voting) and we’ve got four more reviewers writing at the moment. We’re growing all the time and now we’ve got past the hard part.

Regardless, I hope that you’ll be celebrating as much as I am. I’ve even got a cake. Not this one, but a cake none-the-less. I would give you a slice, but I can’t. You know what you should do? Buy a cake. Any cake would do. Even a cup-cake. Then eat it and think of us. Think of That Guy That Reviews Stuff. We’ll be thinking of you. No we wont. We’ll be too busy eating cake on Minecraft to give a fuck about whether you’re celebrating or not. What? I’m being honest!

Finally, I’d like to thank you all for being here. There have been times when we’ve taken ages away from reviewing and have made you all wait for us, but you’ve stayed with us. I appreciate it. Ben appreciates it. Dean appreciates it. Scott appreciates it and Ted appreciates it. We ALL appreciate it and now, I thank you. Thanks!

Here’s to another successful 6-months!

Finally, because any birthday needs it…
‘Happy Half-Birthday to you!
Happy Half-Birthday to you!
Happy Half-Birthday Dear That Guy That Reviews Stuff
Happy Half-Birthday to you!’

That Guy

Great. Now I'm peckish... Better get a cake of my own then!

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