A View to a Kill (1985)

Ahh Roger Moore. You really haven’t had it easy have you? So far you’ve only had a handful of good movies, 2 maybe 3. Well this is your last one, A View to a Kill. Know we know your 50 something but we think, if you really try and with a little bit of luck, you may just go out with a bang yet.

The plot is simple. Bond investigates the death of 003 and recovers a microchip which leads him to Max Zorin (played by Christopher Walken) and his macho bodyguard/trainer/lover Mayday (played by Grace Jones). Bond discovers through Stacey Sutton ,whom he also tries to woo, That Zorin is planning to flood silicon valley therefore giving him monopoly in the microchip market, making him billions.

This is a difficult film to rate. Moore is still great but at his age the way he pursues women, especially the 20 something Stacey Sutton, boarders on creepy. The action seems also suffer a little because of this and Moore himself has said that this was his least favourite film to make because it was so stressful. Sutton is a forgettable, albeit beautiful, Bond girl. She is however extraordinarily stupid and annoying and is prone to screeching, something which sounds like metal in a blender. Zorin and Mayday are very memorable. Mayday is only the second major villain to switch sides (the first being Jaws) and Zorin’s madness is portrayed brilliantly by Walken. The gadgets can be silly, least of all the x-ray glasses. Scarpine is pretty cool but the acting is somewhat bland from him. The finale on the bridge is good, I suppose, but it highlights Moore’s age and it seems rather clunky. I know their on the Golden Gate bridge and that doesn’t allow for a lot of movement but still you could’vedone something else with it. There a lot of other characters, far too much in all honesty, you hae Scarpine, Carl Mortimer, Jenny Flex, Pan Ho, the miners, the head miner and that’s just from the villains. The song from Duran Duran is alright but I still don’t think it’s enough to save it, in fact I only think it’s an alright song, nothing special.

A film with a lot of obvious flaws. Not many redeeming features. Moore is loosing it but Walken and Jones have a lot of screen presence.




One thought on “A View to a Kill (1985)

  1. This was on just this morning… Christopher Walken cast as a bastard… Always bodes well for him!


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