Octopussy (1983)

…Octopussy…Really…Octopussy…You could’nt think of anything a little less…pussyish? *Sigh* ok then…Lets have a good look at Octopussy….Oh sweet Jesus I can’t believe I just said that…

The plot is..actaully not that simple. Bond must investigate the death of a fellow double o/ the theft of a fabrage egg. This leads him to India where he meets the ‘Prince’ Kamel Khan (played  by Louis Jourdan) and his menacing bodyguard, Gobinda (played by Kabir Bedi). This then leads Bond onto the Russian General Orlov (played by Steven Berkoff) who, with help from Khan, plans to destroy the NATO base in Germany in order to, you guessed it, take over the world. Along the way Bond is confronted by the beautiful Octopussy (Played by Maud ‘I thought Scaramanga killed me’ Adams) and her team of stunning gymnasts lead by Magda (played by Kristina Wayborn).

This movie…confused me slightly. I don’t fully understand the plot. Ok so we know Orlov wants to destroy the NATO base so he can lead Russia across Europe. One question, why is Khan helping him? This is almost certainly a mistake on my part, but what does he have to gain from it? I’m guessing money but even so it’s not made very clear. The acting is good but the villain isn’t memorable in the slightest. Gobinda isn’t either, he’s basically an Indian version of Oddjob, hell they even rip off the golf ball crushing scene except this time it’s with a dice. Orlov is beer than Khan and Govbinda but he isn’t really a rip off which I suppose is something. Octopussy is a good Bond girl, shes powerful and sexy which is a combination not often seen in the Bond series. Magda is more attractive and I should have liked to have seen a bit more of hr but her screen time was pretty good. The scenes in India are nice but I’m not a fan of the country so it’s pretty wasted with me. The Sanja character is alright but once again isn’t memorable. It is nice to see a supporting protagonist die, something that isn’t done often. the gadgets aren’t memorable, other than the crocodile submarine which is just a tad silly. I do like some things about this film though. Octopussy’s circus gives a lot of opportunity for henchmen but they miss out, granted the knife throwers are pretty awesome but even so it could have made so much more of it. I do like the with the attack on Khan’s palace, the Q bit is quite funny. The hunting scene is pretty cool and builds Khan up more as a villain but it doesn’t make him any more memorable. The deaths spilt me somewhat. Khan flies his plane into a cliff which is pretty abrupt but then again I don’t think the character was that good so maybe this was the most he deserved. Gobinda falls from the plane after fighting Bond which is pretty cool and frankly I like it. The opening is very good, with the knife throwers hunting the double o. Um what else. Oh the theme is perfect. I love this song and, although it doesn’t have the word Octopussy in it (then again how would you do that?) All time high is still one of my favourite Bond songs.

One thing stands out about this film. Forgettable. Not bad by any means but certainly not half as good as the other films in the series.




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