Disney Reviews: The start of something new…And apparently very cliche…

Ahhh Disney, one of my favourite film producing companies. I don’t think there is a human being alive, other than any affiliated with Dreamworks, who doesn’t like Disney. It’s given us some brilliant movies, timeless classics that we grew up with and will be force-fed to our children with loving care. For many, Disney was the cornerstone of lives. I never grew up on Disney. I only saw Tarzan when I was young and so it didnt;’t play a very big part in my life, but since starting Sixth Form my friends have  introduced me to Disney. They are the ones who grew up on it and introduced me to them. I feel I should review the company that has given so much to so many…Plus it gives me the excuse to watch loads of classic Disney films…YAY!!!

I’m planning to look at around 20-25 of the best Disney films, from the 30’s to the Disney Renaissance in the late 90’s. Care to join me?



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