Christmas Work – Dec, 2011

It’s Christmas Time… there’s no need to be afraid…. (to click on more!)

Well, Firstly, I would like to apologise for my hiatus of late. It’s inexcusable. So Christmas has been and gone, and it is time to review that special family time 🙂

I was one of the lucky ones who had to work. This annoyed me initially because I never work on a sunday, and I have a 5 year old. Once I was over working it and arranged the day around it (10am to 5pm…) my christmas started out with little sleep. Christmas Eve was a mad dash around the shops and then attempting to calm the hyperness of 3 eager children looking forward to christmas, so that we could actually get down to our last minute wrapping.

This lasted until 3am, and given that we’d set 6am as the “wake up” call, we figured that there was no point sleeping xD

Alas, 6am comes along and we get started. This is my daughter Hollie just-woken, just before she got to opening her mountain of presents: Hollie Xmas

After all the opening of these, I finally get to get some shut-eye for an hour, and get woken to 2 bacon and egg rolls. Yum!
But then the work starts 😦 For the first hour I was in the walk-in freezer balling up 240 balls of ice cream (this was 16 more than was on the bookings book, and yet I ended up needing 100 or so more thanks to management messing up numbers) The day went fast, but it was very busy…

What annoyed me most about the day, is the fact that every other chef in the place left when their section shut down. Being the only chef on desserts that day, I was left for an hour alone, with only the KPs. So much for teamwork guys, thanks…

Alas, I went home eventually around 6pm, and got my christmas dinner and to spend more time with the family. I went to bed at 9 and fell asleep until 4pm today haha.

I hope you all had a wonderful christmas, free from troubles like myself. And I hope none of you are forced to work a christmas you don’t want to work. Oh and incase I forget, have a spectacular new year! 😀 x

Merry Christmas!“.


P.s. Thatguy, have a good christmas. Ben, screw a lemon 😉


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