Party Animals in Togas

So we’ve hit 2012. A year of Olympics, the Queen’s thingy and my eighteenth (be jealous Queeny). I entered this year in exactly the way I would have wanted to. That Guy stayed at mine for three days; we watched far too many films, ate way too much Chinese and disciplined my siblings as much as we possibly could. The poor guy had to endure my cooking for three whole days and I am proud to say he is still alive.

We stayed up to watch the fireworks over the Thames on New Year’s Eve, nipping outside every so often to try and catch a look at the fireworks we kept hearing (of which we didn’t see a single one!). I then made That Guy have a go at ‘Just Dance 3’ on the Wii, bear in mind he’d been on the booze, his moves were stupendous. He’ll kill me for saying this, but damn can he wiggle his ass.

Celebrating New Year’s Eve/Day dates back over 4000 years. If you had lived in Mesopotamia and Babylon 4,000 years ago (approximately 2000 B.C.) you probably would have celebrated the New Year in mid-March. If you were an Egyptian, your New Year began with the flooding of the Nile and, if you were Greek, the Winter Solstice began your New Year celebrations. Julius Caesar was the first to set the 1st of January as the New Year. The celebrations that were held in all of these different places, could last up to eleven days (Party animals in togas!) and the Babylonians were the first to set New Year’s resolutions (though these resolutions were usually only to return borrowed farm equipment, or, not to sleep with each other’s wives and/or daughters ).

I personally think next year, New Year’s Eve should be 11 days long. I’m not sure many of us would remember much of it, but it would mean more time off, extra chances to return awful Christmas presents and most probably an increase on the waiting list for liver transplants.


3 thoughts on “Party Animals in Togas

  1. I most certainly CAN wiggle my ass… And don’t you forget it!


  2. Not a review, but brilliiant!
    Nice first one and i love the history refrences.


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