Don’t Matter – Akon

Well, I remember when Akon started out. ‘Lonely’ was a pretty good song. I liked it. Everyone did. What about this?

Don’t like it. Simple.

Why, I hear you cry. Well, I’ve spent the last 20 minutes listening to this man winge about how people don’t want him and his girlfriend to be together, but that to him it doesn’t matter because he’ll be there regardless.

The whole song is a waste of time. This is what people think, but it don’t matter. That’s all he had to say. Or rather, it doesn’t matter, was all he should have said. This whole song is a scathing example of the terrible level of English-speaking there is in the world. ‘Nobody want to see us together, but it don’t matter, no’ has three major flaws. ‘Nobody WANTS to see us together, but it doesn’t matter, no‘, is the only way that should EVER be written, or said.

The party near the end didn’t work with the rest of the song either, in my opinion. These things happen. We all make mistakes with music, but this one was a biggie.

My favourite lyrics? Well, here’s the ones that I enjoyed the most, of the shitstorm that is ‘Don’t Matter’.

‘Got every right to wanna leave, you got every right to wanna go
You got every right to hit the road and never talk to me no more
You don’t even have to call, even check for me at all
Because the way I been actin’ lately has been off the wall’

This is because he has given her a get-out clause. I’m not gonna leave you, but you can leave me and I’d understand why. Very clever. Almost as clever as a pre-nuptial…

There are 2 good things about the song, both of which are parts of the video. She’s fit. Simple as. I’m a pervert, as you all know, which means I appreciate a good-looking woman. She’s good-looking. nice bottom. Nice bosom. Nice face. Great look, overall. Brilliant!

Also, the car looks pretty cool. THAT’S IT! That’s all that’s good.


That Guy


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