Paparazzi – Lady Gaga

I’m your biggest fan, I’ll follow you until you love me. Stalker much? Regardless, Paparazzi is the next song on my review list. Still waiting for people to tell me what my theme is. The dedicated post is still up for grabs for the first person to tell me the theme.

Paparazzi is another one of those songs with a story. We’ve all seen them. Paparazzi, that one by the Spice Girls, Paradise, etc. They have a story behind them. Sometimes it improves the song. Sometimes it ruins it. In this case, I don’t quite know.

She starts out with her boyfriend, who has lured her in front of cameras during their private kissing session. She slaps him, he pushes her off the balcony and she ends up surrounded by camera’s as she recovers from her resulting injury. Shit happens, including wearing a load of crazy costumes which barely cover her private areas, before she kills her boyfriend and gets arrested, again surrounded by cameras.

What can I say about the song? Well, it has that sort of forced poppy feel. It wants to be pop, is pop, but doesn’t feel like pop. I don’t quite know how to explain it. It’s one of those that is designed for a crowd to sing, but it doesn’t work when they do. Trust me. We tried it.

The video. There is genuinely no redeeming quality at all. Oooh. Sure, she wears a sort of Cyberman/C3PO/whore crossover outfit, but that’s just scary, not worth watching. Oooh. She shows some girl-power by committing murder. Not exactly the image we want strong women to have is it? Well, at least she confesses…

Favourite lyrics? Re-read the start! Those few words demonstrate the mentality of every celebrity photographer, with the exception of the the random tourist who sees someone they like and want to keep the picture as a momento.

Well, that’s this review dealt with. My verdict? It’s average. Not exceptional, but not terrible either. It’s, well, average.


That Guy


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