Top 8 Coldplay Songs (According To That Guy)

Since I have nothing better to do, other than write a music review or something, I have decided to write… A music list. What would That Guy write a list about? What is he really passionate about? Coldplay. Here’s my top 8 Coldplay songs. Why 8? It’s my people’s lucky number.

We’ll count down to my favourite, starting with number 8.

8 – Clocks

Clocks is one of those funny little songs that sounds great, so long as you don’t compare it to the rest of the band’s music. The introduction music works brilliantly with the vocals and the general impression that the song gives is pretty good. However, it’s just not as great as the rest of the songs in this list, in my opinion.


7 – Viva La Vida

I should be kinder to Viva La Vida, especially since this was the song that got me into Coldplay in the first place. It was original, worked well in terms of lyrics, theme and music. However, its one of those songs that just loses it’s touch a bit too quickly for me. Sure, I’ll keep on listening to it if it comes on, but I’ll rarely go out of my way to hear it.


6 – Yellow

Yellow. Quite possibly the best love song I’ve ever heard AND one of my favourite colours (after red, white and blue). The music is simple, relaxed and very effective at conveying the feelings of love demonstrated in the lyrics, whilst the video is damn near perfect in every way. The timing, the scene and most importantly, in my opinion, the simplicity. Less is more! So, why is it only 6th? It just can’t contend with those above it.


5 – Fix You

Fix You is one of those songs that gets you through a hard time. We’ve all been there when a song can cheer you up or get that tough conversation out of your head. This song, for want of a better word, is a fixer. It gets old quick, but whenever you need a fixer, it’s always EXACTLY what you need. That’s what Fix You is, does and hopefully, will remain as.


4 – Violet Hill

Violet Hill is another funny one. It makes no real sense at all, yet complete sense at the same time. You manage to interpret a few of the lines which together make no logical sense and apart, make more sense than The Bible itself. I like a song which is challenging and good to listen to at the same time. Violet Hill is exactly that. I always try to work out what it means, to no avail, whilst at the same time, I enjoy listening to it. It seems more prudent since 2008, what with the ‘Was a long and dark December, when the banks became cathedrals…’ line. It sort of fits into modern life, but was written long before. Pretty awesome, I think.


3 – Paradise

I hated this song as soon as I heard it, thinking it was Coldplay’s way of selling out. It didn’t seem as original as they try to be. One look at the video and BAM! It blew my mind. I liked it there and then. I go out of my way to listen to it. It’s my mobile ringtone. It’s epic! Sounds good, looks good and most of all, it’s a laugh to sing to. Don’t know why, but it is. Bronze medal goes to you!


2 – Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

Ah. My wake-up alarm. Why? I don’t know. It sort of feels right. Every tear may be a waterfall and the song certainly persuades me into thinking it might be. It sounds great, especially during the guitar solo after verse one and the drum solo at the end. They work well and in my opinion, are the highlights of the song. It works on so many levels. The stop-go style video adds a sense of amateurism to the song, which works to improve it, whilst the mass of colour involved would confuse a frequent hallucinogenic drug taker into thinking they might be high. Silver medal!


And my favourite Coldplay song of all time (so far)?

Number 1 – The Scientist

What can I say? If you’ve heard it, you’ll agree with me. It is perfect. There’s emotion. There’s great lyrics and most of all, there’s an amazing video to go with it. When have you EVER seen a music video filmed in reverse? Nowhere. Here and here alone. When have you ever had a man howling at the accidental death of his partner at the end of a song? It just doesn’t happen.

I might not know why this song is so good, but I know that it is. Just listen. You’ll see. Gold medal goes to you!


And that’s my list. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. If you think I’ve put something in the wrong place, let me know via a comment so that we can discuss it like human beings.

That Guy


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