The Rescuers (1977)

The Rescuers is a film that I remember watching from childhood, one of the few that I did watch. I had the book, I thought it was…Alright, nothing special but…Meh. Then I re-watched it…At this point it becomes clear that Disney is close to dying…This is the Rescuers…

The plot centres around Bianca and Bernard who are part of a group of mice called the Rescue Aid Society. They are contacted by a young orphan named Penny who is being held captive by Madame Medusa (who owns two pet alligators called Brutus and Nero) and her bumbling sidekick, Mr Snoops who plan to use Penny to retrieve the worlds largest diamond from an underwater cave. Bianca and Bernard are sent to save the young girl as soon as possible.

This film was just boring, one of the worst so far. It actually pains me to say that because there are some sweet things in this movie. The music is nice and at times well done, I like the way it can be really creepy and even suspenseful. The animation is the same old stuff, a few decent looking scenes in the cave but nothing special, The opening uses still paintings which, while nice, could’ve done just as well with actual film. Disney hasn’t really progressed very far by this point. The story has holes. I mean big holes. The society is supposed to help people but how do they find people to help? They can’t really unless they look for them but they don’t seem that busy, they have a big ass meeting just because they stumble upon this one message in a bottle. Then they send a female mouse, who they say has never been on a mission before, and let her choose who to take with her, despite the fact she has no experience in the field, and who does she choose? THE GODDAMN JANITOR!!! Why did they let them go on what appears to be the only mission that they actually have at the moment? I don’t know but it really annoys me. The ending is just awful, it’s your basic tv news report ending, really could’ve done a lot more than that. There are times when the entire film seems very, very slow-paced and that makes it seem really boring.

The characters are ok at best and this is where the bad things really come in. Bianca is ok but Bernard? Dear God I hate this mouse. He’s so boring, his voice just lacks anything of interest, at times I really hated listening to him. The girl is good, she’s very cute and you do really feel sorry for her. The best thing about this movie has to be the villain, Mr Snoops is just forgettable, he doesn’t matter, Madame Medusa though? Holy shit is this bitch evil. She kidnaps a small girl, forces her in a cold, dark hole to find a diamond, tells her she will never be adopted and all the time having no concern for this girl, who is only about 6 or 7. It’s obvious that there is a big link between Medusa and Cruella Deville, they look really similar and it’s led to A LOT of fan fic. I think my favourite description of Madame Medusa comes from Doug Walker:

“She looks like something from a 1940’s French Bordello…A really bad 1940’s French Bordello…”

Yeah, that sums her up perfectly…

Her pet alligators are pretty fun too, if I ever buy two pet alligators then I am defiantly calling them Brutus and Nero. I would say that Madame Medusa is the main reason for watching this film and she is not in it for nearly long enough. This isn’t a good film, the animation is mediocre, the characters are bland and the music , although good for me, isn’t good, cheery Disney music.

A pretty bad Disney film, possible the worst so far. Although it can be charming at times and does have a really good villain, it really isn’t worth going out of your way to see it.




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