Undisclosed Desires – Muse

Time to talk about Undisclosed Desires. Damn that car outside of my window looks sexy, I might pay it a visit tonight. But enough of mine lets talk about Muse’s from their 2010 album Resistance.

By what I can understand this is a song about a friend or partner. It sounds like the person it is about has had a bad past or been through a bad experience and someone is trying to help. The song mentions ‘ I want to exorcise the demons from your past’, I think this is the person saying they want to clear the bad memories of the other persons past.

This is by far my favourite song of the tracks, not only due to the almost static rhythm of the vocals but also due to the great use of the keytar used to make up the majority of the music. I love how upbeat and cheery the song is but the underlying message still sticks out well. This makes it a very good song to listen to no matter what mood you are in. The only downside I have with this song is how many times the chorus is sang. It is sang 3 times making up 50% of the vocals in total if not more. Other than that I can’t fault this song at all.

The music video for this is very unique, it uses just the right amount of shots of the people and the surroundings without it being boring. During the chorus it uses screen displayed in the background for the lyrics to be displayed on. Most of the scenery in the video is covered in wires, this adds to the effect of the music where it sounds very static and electric. Also a machine consisting of a wheel with paddles attached is used to strum the guitar in different places along the neck.

My favourite line from this song is, ‘I want to recognize your beauty is not just a mask’ I hear this as the singer wants the person to be themselves and not be fake or hide their true selves from others. I think this is a message that everyone can relate to. I think that deep down we all hide part of us that we are ashamed of showing.

All together I think this is a great song that people of all ages can like due to its very catchy tune and its underlying message, I give this song 8/10.




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