A Sad Day For Star Wars Fans Everywhere…

 Over the years, reminiscing Star Wars fans have been forced to endure death after death as they watch and re-watch the series. Qui Gon. Shmi Skywalker. Dooku. Padme. Stormtrooper #5. Darth Vader. Emperor Palpatine. The list goes on. Well, there’s one death that surprised everyone, right up until it happened. The one no-one saw coming. Yes. I’m talking about Yoda.

Yoda died for the first time, back in 1983. That was nearly 30 years ago. I’m almost over it, or at least, I thought I was. Then I read this…


Yes. That’s right. Yoda died again. Not proper Yoda. No. That green little alien will always be dead and vanished, but this Yoda, the one I wasn’t even aware of existing, passed away last Saturday.

The dog, the one branded ‘Ugliest Dog In The World’ was Yoda. He was the one that made dog shows worthwhile. He was the one that shocked me when I opened the news story. Yes. He was a dog, but he was the Star Wars Dog. The one that so few people knew of and was not in the films. The one that made Darth Vader seem like he would enjoy a good shampoo. The one that would have walked through swamp after swamp to be with his namesake. Yes. He was that dog.

Yoda, wherever you are, be it Doggie Heaven or Puppy Hell, keep on reaching for that bone in the sky. That frisbee of frisbee. That postman of dog treats. Keep on rolling over, boy. Keep on doing it.

Yoda The Dog

R.I.P. Yoda 1997 - 2012

That Guy


6 thoughts on “A Sad Day For Star Wars Fans Everywhere…

  1. Well, that’s my weeks nightmares sorted…


  2. Ok yeah, sure I’m no picnic myself but…Jesus…


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