Fat Lip- Sum 41

I want to tell you all that your not so lucky. I’ve decided as of recently that my plan to review something at seven o’clock is not working in practice and That Guy himself told me not to go out of my way to do these reviews, so i’m now going to do them at seven thirty and post them as near that time as i can. Now, this is my first music review ever; and i don’t mean like professionally, because we’ve all had to do a movie review for English at some point, but i mean EVER! So, after getting tips from That Guy who is a music reviewer, among many other talents, and i have prepared a song that is relativity unknown by the mainstream masses, so i hope your all kind to this, my first music review.

So, Fat Lip by Sum 41. First off i’ll admit my bias as i am a fan of Sum 41’s music. Honestly, if i wasn’t, i would never have heard this song or paid it much attention, but i’m glad i heard it out to the chorus as it really touches my rebellious nature. I think it’s because i can relate to it as one of the drones it’s singing against becoming, and this makes me love the song for the fact it gave me that self realization and also a little sad that i gave into the machine that is society and all its rules.

Secondly, the lyrics of the song. These are very good thought provoking lyrics that are actually very intellectual….Nahh. They are very much just lines and lines of really how to be a rebellious teen. If you’ve ever wonder how, here’s your guide book really! I like the line about trashing your own house party because nobody came and many other lines like these. It would be great, if only they were understandable. I can hear them, but i know the song and to someone who doesn’t its sung in a fast gibberish; and i mean pig Latin is easier to listen to!

Still, the music throughout is very good heavy drum and guitar, old fashioned rock and roll, with a proper fast beat to bang your head to! The best bit of the song though, better than the lyrics, better than the fact you can understand the chorus, is the perfect bit in the middle. The music slows down and the voice quietens for a serious message. That message is….. Don’t count on me! I know i hate breaks in books for no reason, but this just makes the song greater in my opinion than if they’d left it out because it extenuates the very gibberish full verse afterwards!

If all this wasn’t enough, this song has an awesome video of just what looks like a fun, random rave! It’s just teens acting crazy and stupid, and well, like teenagers should really. As quiet, refined and dignified a man i am, i love this song! I mean when listening to this song i would rather be rebelling next to burnt out cars than drinking my port next to the log burning fire. But as it is, that is not the case, so while Jeeves reads me Wordsworth and Y.S.Bach is playing in the background, i score this song 8/10! Not perfect, not a legend, but close enough for me to plan my evening by. Jeeves still hasn’t noticed the lighter in my pocket or the iPod i’m listening to this song on…..hehehehe….

That Other Guy


One thought on “Fat Lip- Sum 41

  1. Thank you for the like xandimusic! If your reading this, are you a fan of Sum 41?


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