That Guy’s Top 20 Driving Songs

What’s this? A list? A list written by That Guy? Yes. It is. Here are my Top 20 Driving Songs… No. I don’t drive… This is a prospective list…

Also, just so you know, I have chosen these songs from all the songs I’m aware of, based on the fact that I can visualise myself driving down a country road, at high speeds, singing them… I’m normally in a red convertible, if that helps generate the image for you as well. If you want to listen to any of the songs I mention, just click on their title and you’ll be linked straight to a Youtube video with that song in it. Enjoy!

Lets start with number 20 shall we?

20 – Friday I’m In Love – The Cure

Ok – I admit it… This probably wouldn’t be in your top 20 driving songs list, but for me, this is a driving must-have. Why? Because it’s one of those songs that, for some reason, feels right when sang in a car, even if it’s in a made-up situation as daydreamed by a 17-year-old reviewer from the UK.

19 – Holiday In Cambodia – The Dead Kennedys

Holiday in Cambodia. The song about being so sure of yourself whilst you head off to Cambodia in your dad’s car. Why is this a great driving song? Well, I think the guitar works well with the idea of going on holiday, whilst the referencing to cars works well with this list’s theme. Like the last song, this one just… Works…

18 – How You Remind Me – Nickelback

Nickelback… The guy that made us all realise just how cool it’d be to be a rock star… With this song, he’s talking about why his ex is such a bitch and wasn’t worth him being with. Why’s that a great driving song? Because a great driving song should either be relaxed and melodic, or very angry. This is angry. Not very angry, but angry enough and as such, is a great driving song for a red convertible in the UK countryside… Honest…

17 –  Have A Nice Day – Bon Jovi

 Another angry song, which this time, sounds a lot better. The song itself is better and as such, it JUST pips Nickelback to the number 17 position.

16 – By The Way – The Red Hot Chili Peppers

 I’ll be honest. This is another angry song, but this time, has melodic elements. I believe I was persuaded to have it in this list for one reason and one reason only. The video. They race around a city in their cars, trying to save a band member from a cab driving fan. Mental, yet also quite desirable to imitate… Just sayin’…

15 – Walk Of Life – Dire Straights

 This song is one of those that just sounds as though it was made for the country air. Not the country air that smells like cow shit, but the open space with the occasional tree. It feels like a farmer song and to be honest, I always visualise this song as being the one that’ll get you in a farmer’s good book and maybe invited for tea. There IS such a thing as a free lunch and by Jovi, I’m certain that this song’ll get you one…

14 – Why Does It Always Rain On Me – Travis

 I admit it. This is an unusual song for driving, but strangely, works. I mean, think about it. You’re 17 and you’re driving a nice clean convertible. It starts to rain. Think about it. Also, the acoustic sound really fits in with the farmer theme from above.

13 – The Scientist – Coldplay

What’s better than a song about a car crash in a country lane and how a survivor lost his partner in it? Sure, it might not be the bets song for driving to, but so long as you don’t drive to this song WITH your partner, you should be fine. Besides, it’s only in 13th place… Damn that’s unlucky…

12 – Talk Dirty To Me – Poison

I wish someone would… Just once… Anyway… I think the guitar work in this song really compliment the mentality of someone who drives to the countryside at fast speeds. I mean, come on. It’s amazing!

11 – I Believe In A Thing Called Love – The Darkness

 Ah – The Darkness. Now THAT’S a good band. I only like one of their songs and can only name one other song. This song, however, is the good one… The driving one… Why is this a good driving song? Because you can sing it and drive to it whilst driving with your partner, to whom you can start declaring your love. A bit soppy, I know, but by Jovi does it work… Apparently…

10 – I Wanna Rock ‘N’ Roll All Night – Kiss

What’s better than driving through the countryside, at high speeds, to or from a party, at night, to this song? Nothing, but since most driving doesn’t occur in these conditions, this is only the 10th best song.

9 – Bad To The Bone – George Thorogood

 Bad To The Bone. The one song that we can sing and make ourselves sound like perverts, without being frowned upon… Unless you’re in a  restaurant. They frown on that shit, but to be honest, I had waited 12 minutes for that glass of wine… So yeah. A great song to drive to because of how great a song it is. The music works well with any car sounds, other than maybe the car that has no music device, whilst the rhythm is easy to tap to on the steering wheel. Win!

8 – La Grange – ZZ Top

 Ah – I like this one. Why? Because the song feels as though it’s being driven through that desert which surrounds Vegas. It feels like an American country road song. You can sing it, listen to it and wear a cowboy hat, all whilst driving. It’s a good song too…

7 – Slow Ride – Foghat

 Slow Ride, by Foghat, is another one of those that feels great for a quiet American highway. Also, who wouldn’t want to take it easy on their drive, or even to have a listen to a rhythm that’s right?

6 – All Right Now – Free

Ah – Free’s All Right Now. This has always been a favourite of mine, but now, I have good reason. I admit, I considered this song after seeing it on Top Gears Driving Songs CD from a few years ago, but it is in fact a pretty good song for driving. Imagine, if you will, driving down a country road to this song. You’re now smiling, or you don’t know the song.

5 – Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd

 It was going to be here, wasn’t it? The song about the state, which you just want to keep turning up. The song that sucks you in with the wheels that keep on turning as you go home to see your kin. The song that makes you sing along as your clear blue skies cover you… This song is the 5th best epitome for driving songs. This, my dear reader, is what it’s all about…

4 – Song 2 – Blur

 Ah – Song 2. You know this one… WOOHOO! Simple as. That’s the song. Imagine speeding down a highway, to this song, as you pull off a few jumps. You now want to do it. I would condone this, but it’s illegal, so DONT DO IT!

3 – Carry On My Wayward Son – Kansas

 What is the car doing exactly? Carrying you. Carrying you on your journey. Just so you know, this song sounds great in a confined space, which I have tried, by listening to it inside a car, at very high volume. Not high speeds though. We were parked. Totally worth it. Sounded great and the car added to that atmosphere.

2 – Bat Out Of Hell – Meatloaf

You knew it was coming, didn’t you? I hope so. It’s worthy of being here. This song, albeit about a motorbike riding bloke who’s just escaped prison and is leaving his one love behind before dying in a bike accident, works well with cars as well. I advise you, however, to not listen to it after spending the night wife your partner, or even anyone you truly love. If you do, keep an eye out for sudden corners. I really mean that. You don’t want to see it too late, do you?

1 – Highway To Hell – ACDC

Are you surprised? I hope so, but in all reality, you’re probably not. A song about a highway, albeit, as far as I can tell, a metaphorical one. This song, whilst driving down a road similar to route 66, so long as you’re singing it, is THE best song to drive to. No questions asked. It really is. You have no-one to slow you down, no point obeying stop signs or speed limits and let’s be honest, you’re thinking that this is a great thing to do. Well, one day, I will. I have to, because if I don’t, my life hasn’t been worth living.

If you disagree with any of the songs on the list, tell me why. If you disagree with the ordering, tell me why. If you think I’ve got this spot on, tell me so. Please, for the love of all that has ever graced the world of music, let me know…

That Guy


2 thoughts on “That Guy’s Top 20 Driving Songs

    1. I’m just glad someone agrees with some of these songs… I was unsure about some of them myself, but those top ten are definite wins, as far as I’m concerned…


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