Titanic Memorial

On this date, at this time, the HMS Titanic sank in the middle of the North Atlantic. There were dramatically fewer lifeboats on board than nessarcery and, when the ship began to sink, they were filled to less than half of their capacity. Only 700 people left the ship in lifeboats which would’ve held 910. 1500 people went into the water when Titanic sank and of the 15 lifeboats only one returned. Afterwords, the inquiries found that the lifeboats were the major issue as well as ruining the reputation’s of several First Class passengers and one of the acting heads of the White Star Line, Bruce Ismay, (read Frances Wilson’s excellent book ‘How to survive the Titanic, or the Sinking of Bruce Ismay’ for more information). By the time it did, the majority were dead and only 6 were saved. This post, however small and insignificant, is dedicated to the 1494 people who died when Titanic sank. It’s been 100 years but, with the help of many, many books and films, they have never left the public conscience.

The Titanic cemetary in Halifax



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