Due to a large number of complaints I have received about some of our writing (no names shall be mentioned, due to anonymity wishes), I have decided to cut out the direct communication and introduce a middle-man, or in this case, middle-machine.

Anyone who has a complaint can follow the instructions on the complaints page (see our page-bar at the top-right of the screen) and we will deal with each one as quickly and as efficiently as we possibly can. This may, in some cases, take time, but generally speaking, we aim to have had a problem fixed and dealt with within a week, internet accessibility and responsibility permitting. In short, if I’m holiday for a fortnight and no-one realises there’s an issue, it’ll take a fortnight before the week-long countdown starts.

So yeah. Complaints go to the top right, to be dealt with by the top.

As always, you can still email us to complain, but generally speaking, a comment left on the complaints page will be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you.

That Guy

PS. If you wish to remain anonymous whilst complaining, which I promote, then please do so.


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