Hall Pass

Ah – Hall Pass. We’ve all had one of them, right? The chance to do whatever we want, without the ties of marriage or partnership. You’ve all had one, right? Well, me neither. The big question is, what would we do if we DID have one? Well, here’s the story of two guys who got the chance…

… And had a shit-load of fun!

So, here we have a film starring Owen Wilson (Night at the Museum, Marley and Me, Shanghai Noon and The Wedding Crashers), Jason Sudeikis (Horrible Bosses), Christina Applegate (Anchorman) and Stephen Merchant (The Office, Hot Fuzz, Run Fat Boy Run and Portal 2). These are all actors/actresses, that have made me laugh on at least three separate occasions, with a special dedication to Stephen Merchant, who frequently makes me laugh, even when I’m not actually watching or listening to him. He’s a comedy genius and it’s a shame that he’s not in more films.

Stephen Merchant
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We will start, as always, with the plot…

Two men, Rick and Jason (played by Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis respectively) are given ‘hall passes’, allowing them to have a ‘week off from marriage’. The two of them spend their time trying to get laid again, during which time they go to parties, get high whilst playing golf and engage in ‘relaxing activities’ (such as getting a massage or relaxing in a hot tub for a few hours). Needless to say, all of this goes wrong.

Whilst they are ‘having fun’, their wives end up hooking up with other guys, one with a junior baseball player and the other with his coach, the former having a short sexual encounter with, whilst the latter realises the error of her ways.

While all this is happening, Rick and Jason are at a party, celebrating their last night of the pass, one managing to ‘score’ with Meg, an aunt of a minor, relatively attractive, character, on whom he performs ‘fake chow’, whilst the other gets a shot with the ‘hot-temptress’ of the movie, but realises he can’t cheat on his wife. They rush to a hospital where Jason’s wife is located after a car accident, before all going home to live happily ever after. Tada!


It’s actually a well written plot, based around a potential real-life situation, blown wildly out of proportion. Sure, some guys might get a hall-pass, but there’s not a chance in hell they’d get with the babysitter, her aunt OR the hot Australian temptress! I mean, COME ON! Be realistic!

This is a comedy, most noticeable by the existence of humour, some of which is direct, some indirect and most of it, again, realistic. The golf scene is brilliant, in terms of humour, because it features Rick, Jason and some friends, getting high (courtesy of Merchant’s character) and running havoc all over the place, during which one of them shits in a bunker and they all climb on the golf cart to escape the oncoming warden. The film is priceless and however you look at it, it’s entertaining for anyone and everyone who watches it. It may be childish humour, but we all love it! One scene features a drunk Jason, which I found absolutely brilliant to behold. It was, for want of a better word, spectacular!

Hall Pass - Brownies
'Brownies... Of the pot variety'

The cast do a great job portraying the characters and whatever you may think about each of the characters, they all act naturally. There’s nothing that they do that I found unbelievable, based on what we learnt about them during the course of the movie. Sure, MAYBE Owen Wilson wanted to screw the brains out of the Australian chick, but come on! He’s a faithful man. THAT’S why he didn’t screw the brains out of the babysitter right at the start… That and it would’ve been illegal…

In terms of music, there was so few worthwhile pieces, that I was actually quite disappointed. Sure, we had ‘Son Of A Preacher Man’, but that’s old news. It’s been done to death and I’ve heard it so often that I’ve stopped paying attention to it. Sure, there was one good scene, during the alternate start, in which we here the song ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’, but that was predictable and ruined by the aforementioned predictability.

Overall, it was a pretty good film, but if I had to score it (which I do) I’m afraid I’m going to have to mark it down. Sorry guys, but the music let me down.


That Guy

PS – I’m sorry it’s been so long since my last review, but coursework and revision has been a nightmare for the last few weeks and I’ve had to blitz a load of it over the last week or so, so that now I can focus on my exams. Woo! Another chance for me to fail!


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