I Melt With You

“You live in some sort of disillusionment, because it’s easier than being honest.”

My love of reminiscing initially attracted me to the 2011 Drama that draws upon an annual reunion of four college buddies in their forties: Thomas Jane (Richard), Rob Lowe (Jonathan), Jeremy Piven (Ron) and (personal Entourage favourite), and Christian McKay (Tim).

It’s important for me to highlight (yet not spoil), an explicit amount of drug use and deep dark truths are among some of the reasons that this R-rated movie is NOT for everyone. Personally, I found it unquestionably spot-on in its demonstration of four lost souls coming to terms with the harsh realisation that when looking in the mirror, who they have become does not nearly reflect who they said they would become in the height of the golden days i.e. college. If we were to be honest with ourselves, I would say for the majority of viewers this sad truth is either a fear or a reality. Both of which allow us to empathise and connect to the characters and their story.

Director Mark Pelligton’s portrayal of this typical mid-life crisis is far less than typical, and in my opinion it’s bloody brilliant. The ugly truths of the movie are shot against a backdrop of pure natural beauty, adding to the harshness of this dark, twisted and beautiful tale.

In terms of acting, all four characters bring such realism and humorous sarcasm to their roles. Though the story tastes bitter and bleak, the soundtrack bleeds emotion and life onto the screen. Seems a pity Gotye’s innovative and globally celebrated “Somebody I Used To Know” hadn’t been released at the time; it would’ve been a perfect, artistic milieu for Richard’s (Thomas Jane) rampant outburst of artistic expression.

Overall, I sincerely recommend ‘I Melt With You’ and can guarantee you won’t have seen anything like it or have witnessed an ending as remotely shocking as this ones. By the end of the movie, it was the poignant message behind it all that converted me to its #1 Preacher.

Rate: 9/10


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