Due to a major difference of opinion on an important matter, as well as the potential for a lawsuit, it is my displeasure to announce that Benny4700 has quit his post as a writer for That Guy That Reviews Stuff. Not only was he a part of our team, but he was also the Deputy Head Writer. As such, he was my right-hand man and easily, in my opinion, the second best writer we had.

Ben. We will be sad to see you go and we will all miss your new and original posts. You were a great writer and will always have an important place in our hearts, or something a bit less soppy, but equally touching, than that…

On behalf of the team here, I wish you the best for the future and remind you that we will always have a place for you if you ever wish to return.


That Guy


4 thoughts on “Farewell!

  1. What! I am devastated! :C
    Benny4700 was an amazing writer, that is truly a great loss, if convince him to stay and you’ll be glad you did!


    1. Tom, if it was as simple as him being able to stay with us at the moment, then he probably would be, but between us, the two of us have deemed it better for everyone if he takes some time away.


  2. Benny, I know we… well we don’t know each other at all really, but you changed your picture because of me which made me feel so very special, so believe me when i type that, whether you be gone for for a break, or forever, i will miss you.


  3. Well I guess I have to say thank you for your support, both of you. Gwinnett, yeah that Joker profile pic is pretty awesome isn’t it? I guess I have you to thank for that. I am returning but only after exams. Until then I look forward to reading your work 🙂


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