Tale Of Thane

Oh, Epic Minecraft Time, ye knoweth how to maketh me lol.

It’s true, you know. They really do. Not once have I watched a video and not laughed. You know why? Because these guys are actually funny. You know why they’re funny? Because they don’t force it. They just let what happens… Happen.

Regardless, I’m here to promote their newest series, Tales Of Thane, in which the two brave adventurers were plunged into a world in which the evil Thane is leading an undead horde through to the Holy Land.

I’ll be honest, this is some pretty heavily stuff for the guys to deal with, yet, despite this new challenge, they use their Minecraft skills and questing ability to set out on their mission to, so far as I can tell, save the town of Conglien and the surrounding lands of Minecraftia, from the undead hordes and the Deathlord Thane. They can’t do it without our support!

I advise that everyone, be they man, woman, child or goat-beast, check them out. I mean that. I really do. They’re trying to do a serious quest here and they deserve our support. Join them on their video-recorded quest to save  Conglien and stop Thane. Join them… Join them… JOIN THEM!



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