Walk Of Life – Dire Straits

Ah. Some good ol’ Dire Straits, right?

Yeah. It is. It really is. The song is pretty good. You know why? Because I said so. Why do I say so? Because of the following reasons.

The keyboard at the start is probably what everyone remembers. It might be an organ, or maybe a piano, but it’s definitely some kind of keyed instrument. How do I know? Well, let’s just say I can tell what a key instrument sounds like. Don’t know how, but I’d stake hard cash it’s a keyed instrument. ‘Nuff said.

Then there’s the “woo hoooo” that follows some of it. We all know that, we all join in (too early, damn us) and we all enjoy listening to it. Why? Because it’s something that however bad at singing you are, you can do it damn near perfectly, if not slightly better than the original. It’s just what we’re like. We’re like that. I hope. Is we’re not, then is it normal? Oh, God. I’m like that. I really am…

Now, lyrically, it’s one of those songs that we just don’t quite seem to understand. I don’t know why, but it’s true. We just… Listen to it. I hear a handful of words and then… Stop. That’s it. I always hear the woo hoo, but there are words in between each bit, like ‘oh the boy can play’ and ‘turning all the night-time into the day’. Weird lyrics. I don’t know what it means, other than it being about some boy who does the Walk of Life. What the walk of life is, I don’t know, but he can do it. Lucky bugger.

Favourite lyrics?

“Woo hoo hoooo”

Great lyrics.

Now, random picture time!

Rachel Weisz

Yeah… Erm… Ask Ted…

I like the song, but it’s not great. The lyrics should be those that you can sing to, and although the woo hoo kind of do that, it doesn’t do it well enough. Sorry Dire Straits. Sorry. I did give you a picture of Rachel Weisz though. Smile at that…


That Guy


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