The Funeral – Band of Horses

“To the outside the dead leaves, theyre on the lawn
Before they died, had trees to hang their hope”

For me, music is a therapy. Every artist is a poet, every song a story, and every note has the potential to flow through my body like rain. Music is a very dear passion of mine, and so when a song gives my heart goose bumps, the way The Funeral by Band of Horses does, I feel an urge and an obligation to share my inspiration.

The guitar gradually dances you into a soft introduction that’s played with a gentle finality, just as Ben Bridwell’s voice perches airily above the guitar as the melody “sort of” crescendos to a momentary pause. I say “sort of” because although the volume does not increase, the musical path we’d been escorted along for the first minute of the song reaches a floating break that is then lifted with the powerful and effective introduction of the drums.

Your heart drops with the beat and as the speed, volume and instruments intensify, you lose yourself to the uplifting spirit of an ironically melancholically written song. The beauty of the lyrics is their openness to interpretation. Entirely dependent on you, the song can be comforting at a time of sadness, inspiring at a time of obscurity, or uplifting at a time of selfdoubt. It can be all three.

Allow the piece of art to overwhelm you. Taste the emotion, because for me this is as real and sharp as music gets. I’m finding it really difficult to portray the effects, what it is this song has over me. It’s everything, the combustion of instruments, rhythm, lyrics, voice, timing, with the soothing interludes that flow into an upbeat explosion of expression.

I can’t seem to write this song justice, it plays for itself. My guess is that’s what really great music is all about. It’s indescribable!



One thought on “The Funeral – Band of Horses

  1. It’s hard to do a song justice. I know that feeling. Sometimes you can, sometimes you can’t. Often, it’s the song that done that, so don’t feel down. I think you did a good job.


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