Ben’s Solo Survival Series

Ah. EpicMinecraftTime. We go back a long way. It’s got to be, what? three months now? Boy do I miss the good old days where I’d see one of them and think, “I should say hello…” then sort of walk past without saying anything. Thing is, they probably knew me before I knew them. My good ol’ hat made sure of that…

Anyway, getting to the point of this post, I have been asked, by the powers that be, to advertise Ben’s Solo Survival Series. Now, you should all know my policy on advertising. I don’t do it unless they deserve it. Well, I maintain that the EpicMinecraftTime team do a great job at entertaining and voice-over-ing and as such, will advertise them as much as I can, without ramming it down people’s throats OR sticking stuff to my hat. I only do that for charities. Trust me. It’s true.

As I said, I like EpicMinecraftTime. I used to watch Yogscast do their thing, but now I only watch EMT. Why? It’s great stuff, with great humour and that sense of amateuristic-professionalism that just keeps you coming back for more. Don’t take my word for it though. Have a look and see for yourself.

That Guy


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