Goodbye Epic Mine Craft Time

Yes, it has come to this. Ben and Callum have finally hung up there mining hats for the last time…

Nah, only kidding. Of course Ben and Callum are still with us, but EMCT is not. After many laughs, cries, sick noises and copyright infringement, Callum and Ben have shut down EMCT’s channel and Facebook page. But do not threat….

They are still mining! Only now there doing it under the new channel and facebook name of:


Callum prefers this new name because he likes to record himself playing other games besides Minecraft and couldn’t really post those videos on a Minecraft channel, so this new non-specific channel is a great place for him to do that. Ben prefers this because….because….oh, he likes it, ok.

So, Check out there new channel. You know there rated by me and That Guy, so please go look, if at least to prove we have good taste (which we do).

That Other Guy


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