Thunderstruck – ACDC

Thunderstruck, the second song in my music collection, as part of my current music review series. Sorry it’s a few days later than expected. I had a minor technical failure and have been forced to re-write it from scratch. I’ll try to put in the same jokes I had in the original, but, sadly, will probably fail to make it anywhere near as funny… Ah well.

So, Thunderstruck by ACDC. I was given this song as part of my online radio career back in late March, with our good friends Haggis and Dean. We had a laugh, but it never got off the ground properly. Not my fault. I was just a DJ. I played music and had a laugh. I’ll probably upload a few of the recordings to Youtube, if there’s any interest in them. I miss that…

Anywho, I should be reviewing Thunderstruck here, so, as such, will progress to review it.

Most of the songs from my radio days were removed, because I got them for requests and didn’t really like them. That Muse song that Pooeyyeoop reviewed was one of them. I hate that song, and I hate Muse, but that’s a matter of public record and I can’t go within 500 metres of them any more. Fine by me.

Thunderstruck, however, was one of those songs which I don’t like, but is slowly eating away at me. I don’t have the heart to remove it from my computer, like I did all the others. God no. It intrigues me. Other than a hand-full of words and sounds around the chorus, I haven’t got a clue what the lyrics are. It’s just about Thunder, as far as I’m concerned. That’s it.

So, why does it intrigue me? I mean, a lack of understandable lyrics can’t be all of the story… Well, the guitar’s pretty good, and it’d be nice to drum to this one. I never will, because I always skip it when I listen to music on random, but here I am, typing away, wondering why I’m not drumming to it. I want to, but I need to type. I owe you all more reviews. So many more reviews…

So, what else can I say? Well, they got the whole ACDC thing right with Thunder, didn’t they? I mean, Thunder leads to lightning, which leads to electricity and what kinds of current do we use? AC and DC! Great linkage, and thanks to Wikipedia for making me realise that. It’s amazing what you fail to remember about GCSE science…

Not much more for me to say, so here’s my score, based on the lack of greatness. I mean, guitar and drums, woo, but lyrically and vocally, in terms of the words and how they’re sang, it’s not that great to me.


That Guy


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