Alexis Korner – Get Off My Cloud

So, Alexis Korner, singing a Rolling Stones song, much slower, almost just saying it, in my favourite cover song of all time.

Alexis Korner has a very, what’s the word… raspy voice? It sounds rough, as if he’s talking through a mouth made of sand-paper. No offense to him. It works. It sounds right with the song.

He says the verses. Nothing wrong with that, in fact, I like it. It means I can actually keep up with, and sing, the song. Not sing. Say. My bad. He sort of sounds kinda pervy, as well, when he asks where you live. It sounds good, works well and most of all, to me, makes me think of myself. I’m a pervert. In fact, today, I started to think about writing my own ’50 Fictional Characters I Would Love To Bone’, list, but wasn’t sure whether I’d prefer Velma or Daphne…

Back to the point – I can connect with the character portrayed in the song. It might be Alexis himself, if so, great, but if not, then it’s a fictional character, who lives so high up and sounds like he may want to fuck you left right and centre.

A swig of cherry coke later…

The music is derivative of the original, but that’s to be expected. It’s different, that’s for sure, but the basic idea is there, hidden away, as undertone. I can hear it, anyway. Not that that’s a bad thing. I like being able to compare to the original. I prefer this to the original. Why? Why oh why oh why? Because I can join in.

The original is too fast, too slurred and it’s too music orientated. The drums feature more than the vocals, to me. Here, it’s the opposite. Music drops down, as vocals take over. It’s the perfect blend of MUSIC, VOCALS, MUSIC, VOCALS, MUSIC, that I need to get me to sit and listen.

Favourite lyrics? Here we go.

“It’s three a.m., don’t you people ever wanna go to bed? 
Just ’cause you feel so good, do you have to drive me out of my head?”

Why? Well, it rhymes so well, and I kinda like the voice used. Sounded great in the original too, even if it was a bit longer. The ending takes way too long though. It drags on. The intro does as well, actually. Get rid of the intro/outro and BAM! You’ve got it.

So, there we go. The end of this review. What’s the verdict?



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