Beach Boys – I Get Around

The Beach Boys. Yes. Technically a ‘The’, and should be with the ‘T’s’, but it’s not, so get over it. Pretty much every other band is in the right place. It’s only really The Beach Boys, and The Dandy Warhols. Three song, two bands and about 10 minutes of music. Get over it…

I Get Around, by The Beach Boys, was one of the few songs of theirs I actually liked. I mean, it’s about being an honest man, and getting around a bit. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, that’s quite admirable.

They just wanna party. Let them party. Let the boys party… LET THEM PARTY!

It’s almost rustic, isn’t it? It’s all very innocent and low key. No heavy drums or guitar, no screaming and a lot of vocal accompaniment. That’s what we like. The guitar is simple, and I think they clap a bit. It’s like listening to Bobby McFerrin, but in, like, a band. It’s brilliant.

They’re so chilled out and relaxed. Kinda makes you miss the 60’s…

So, The Beach Boys do what they always do, and charm us all. They do it with finesse, great lyrics, if a bit repetitive, and their simple music. Sometimes, less is more. It really is.

There’s nothing else to say. Nothing at all. I kinda wish I’d paired this up with the next one now…


That Guy


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