Ben E. King – Stand By Me

Ah,  Stand By Me, by Ben E. King. What a song? Truly a love song, if there ever was one. Makes my heart flutter just thinking about it…

What can I say?

It is, undoubtedly, a love song. Nothing else can be said about it, in that respect, which doesn’t elaborate. Brace yourself, for elaboration.

It’s about a man, who’ll be able to cope with anything, so long as his darling stands by him. I know the feeling. I won’t be afraid of the ever-present darkness, so long as my love is by my side. If the sky falls, I won’t go all chicken-little, so long as she’s there. If the mountains should collapse into the sea, causing a catastrophic wave of death and destruction, in its wake, I think I’ll be okay, so long as one of two things happen – I know she’s safe, or she’s by my side. A bit selfish of me, but fuck it, right? I’m a bloke. At least I’d rather spend my time like the parents from Deep Impact, than like a sex-crazed monkey. Enjoy THAT image.

Now, the song.

The music is simplistic, at best. I believe it’s a bass, a violin, maybe a drum, and some backing singers. I probably missed something, but who knows? I’m not a frickin’ musical genius.

I’m not keen on the instrumental before the final chorus. It sounds a bit… Over the top. It’s too out-of-place with the humble wording and the single, understandable, voice. It’s like they wanted a comparison, and all they had was a stupidly loud violin. ‘Nuff said.

So, love song, with lovey-dovey lyrics about loving her in the apocalypse, with a stupid instrumental. Why do I like it, then? Because it’s honest, like so many other love songs aren’t. This song is purely about how much he needs her, and a lot of women don’t realise that men need them so much. They really don’t. What this song is really saying is ‘I can’t cope without you’. I think, somehow, with someone, we all feel like that, making this one of the most true-to-life songs you’ll ever find. I advise you to get it, learn it, and sing it to your loved ones, regardless of how they feel about you. It might just strengthen your relationship in ways you’ve never even imagined.

You’re welcome.

My final score?


That Guy



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