Dorian Gray

Flick back to my Pirates of the Caribbean review…. go on, i’ll wait….

… you there? OK, well, you may see in the first paragraph that this movie in my room is the closest to porn I’ve got. I will point out now, this is not a porn movie but a fantasy horror that contains a good message, but a lot of soft porn half scenes with an in-directed camera, and by soft porn, i simply mean, not full on sex scenes but just a few moving images, with sound, depicting things that are happening…. few, i think i got out of that one. Anyway, the movie.

Dorian Gray is an infamous tale of pleasure and evil and how the two go hand in hand. The moral of the story is simple, a life of pleasure does not lead to happiness but is an evil way to live. The tale began as a horror story in old London, easily before the eighteenth century, and was based very much on the good standers of living as they were seen to be then, Christian and loyal in marriage, trying to be a good Samaritan and keep a clear conscious for a good soul.

The story goes that Dorian Gray was a respectable young inheritor of his old uncles/grandfathers wealth. Coming from the country to live in his new London manor house in the city, he meets a man who quickly befriends him and shows him the ugly side of London. Before long he has him drinking gin, smocking and visiting the whore house, despite him having a girlfriend.

Only all this unchristian evil is starting to effect him, and when a grand painter paints a stunning masterpiece of him, exactly to his likeness, he nails his soul to the devils alter and, without knowing it, is cursed. From that point on, Dorian never ages, his beauty never fades. If he gets a wound, it heals and so Dorian can live his life free from the worries of age or any form of ageing. But, he lacks his soul, now trapped in his painting; so as he stays the same, his soul, portrayed by the painting ages.

Dorian, lacking his soul to tell him right from wrong, begins indulging in a life of pleasure. He travels the world and returns to London not a day older. The whole time he was seeking new sexual experiences, new pleasures to try. He got use to a life of using women and viewing the world a dull and morbid place to live. While his soul is wrapped in appearance by his evil life, representing all his wrong choices and bad deeds. When Dorian see’s his soul, he wishes to repent, as he is scared of what he has seen he really is.

But it’s already too late. The people in London had already became suspicious of his secret upon his arrival and one/a group find out what Dorian really is, and so they kill him/leave him to die/let him kill his own soul.

That’s the story, and it’s beautifully depicted in this all English cast movie. They put a slight twist on the original making the man Dorian befriends in the beginning be the one who discovers his secret at the end. Also, added another delight to the original tale by making this mans daughter the one who Dorian finally falls in love with, and is the reason he wants to repent, for her; though he doesn’t tell her this.

The acting in this movie is first class, the deep emotion comes across so naturally and the moral still remains as strong as ever. Plus


The ending is absolutely amazing and it leaves me on tender hooks. I got goose bumps thinking about it now actually. At the end, the man he befriended has kept Dorian’s picture in his attic ; lord knows why… Anyway, he says something to the picture that’s retrospectively cool and as he leaves the camera fades out from him to the picture, then slowly zooms in on his face. This painting has survived a gas explosion, resulting fire and the house it was in collapsing, all in one piece. I SWEAR I SEE THAT PICTURE MOVE! and then the screen turns black and the credits roll.

The greatest thing about that ending is, i don’t know if i saw that picture move or not. My brain is screaming at me that i did, but it could have just been a mixture of suspense and what i expected to see. All i think that actually happens is the eyes light up, but that’s scary enough. My advice, watch this movie.


That Other Guy


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  1. Christian, i feel a little touched. Thankyou for likeing my work so much. I too enjoy your blog and your book Jazz. Very entertaining, thank you.


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