A Sad Farewell

I feel obliged to say a very sad farewell to a large number of our writers, some of whom you never had the chance to read the words of. You probably know who I meant. All of these writers, sadly, are now no longer a part of That Guy That Reviews Stuff:

> Getting Ancient
> Magicality26
> DanielleBlow
> KirstyScott
> Mischief

Sadly, I have not heard from any of these writers for quite some time and, unfortunately, see fit to remove from our writing team. They are, as are all our previous writers, welcome to rejoin us, but for now, are leaving us.

To those who have added their perspective to this writing team, I thank you. To those of you who have not bothered and simply saw fit to ignore us completely, I condemn ye to the bowels of a constipated gibbon. Have fun.

As always, if you wish to write with the That Guy That Reviews Stuff team, email us at thatguythatreviewsstuff@hotmail.co.uk and we’ll set you up to be one of us… One of us… One of us…

That Guy


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